Monday, June 25, 2012

My Search for the Perfect Make-up Artist for My Wedding

My make-up artist for my wedding was one of the last few things I finalized on my list of wedding suppliers because it took me a while before I was able to find the make-up artist who can help me look my best on my big day.   Since I had been dreaming of a Disney Princess wedding theme, I imagined myself to be as beautiful as a Disney Princess.  Who's going to help bring out the princess look in me was the big question?

I had my make-up done by a number of professional make-up artists before but I was never satisfied.  I'm not photogenic and a lot of times, I didn't like how I looked in my pictures.  Thus, I really prayed to God that I would find the best person who can help me look good in my wedding pictures. 

I received a few recommendations from friends and tried them but was not satisfied.  I could not smile my happiest smile each time I looked in the mirror after each trial session.  I had three trial hair and make-up sessions before I made my final decision. 

I first met HER at a wedding fair in PICC Forum just a few months before my wedding.  She was offering a free trial hair and make-up then so I decided to avail of it.  I also requested for a quotation.

My fiance and I liked how I looked after my first trial session with her that we even decided to go to a nearby studio for a photoshoot.

I also felt that her name was a sign that she was THE MAKE-UP ARTIST I was looking for.  She's Princess Misa-Hernandez.  She is fondly called Tita Princess by her clients.

Thus, I got in touch with her again to book her services and to schedule another trial make-up.
We had another trial session using traditional make-up or Mac.  I observed how long the nice make-up would last.  I noticed that because I had oily skin, the polished look didn't last long enough. 

So, I asked Tita Princess for another trial make-up session, this time using airbrush make-up.  This is what Tita Princess says about airbrush make-up for brides. "Based on my experience and the kind of weather we have, airbrush make-up is a must.  It has so many benefits: It's water-based, 100% hypoallergenic, long-lasting (up to 18 hours), hardly requires any touch ups, water and rub-resistant... and doesn't come-off on casual contact with clothing." 

We also tried simulating my dream hair style for my big day.  I could still remember showing Belle's picture (the Disney Princess in Beauty and the Beast) on my mobile phone to her.  She and her team might have thought it funny but I admired them for patiently and graciously cooperating with me in trying to achieve my dream look for my wedding.  It was simply a must for me to look every inch a princess on my wedding day.  So as not to waste what I spent for my trial hair and make-up, my fiance and I scheduled a video shoot for our avp that same day.  TIP: Schedule your pre-nuptial pictorial or video-shoot on the same day that you'll have your trial hair and make-up to save money.
Busy bride
I'm so glad our efforts paid off after 6 trials!  I was very happy with how I looked during my wedding and I consider Tita Princess as one of the best wedding suppliers I had the pleasure of working with during that special day in my life.  She helped me look and feel every inch a princess!  She and her team were very professional.  They arrived at the hotel on time or as we have agreed; thus, we had ample time to polish my look.  we were not in a hurry.  It also helped that we had trial sessions prior to my wedding because we have already simulated it the last time and all she and her team needed to do was to recreate that look.
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of us all?
Making the mother of the bride more beautiful.
Excited to wear my gown.
Tita Princess Misa-Hernandez busy at work
in making me look perfect on my wedding day.
Finally, I was able to smile my happiest smile as I looked in the mirror on my wedding day.  I was especially flattered when the kids in the hotel's lobby gushed and tried to follow me as I passed by to go to the bridal car saying, "There's a princess!  Look!"  Thanks so much again, Tita Princess for being instrumental in fulfilling my dream wedding!  Great job!  May God use you even more to fulfill the dreams of more future brides!

Beaming with joy.

Happy princess bride and "fairy" godmother.
The very happy princess bride.

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