Tuesday, December 10, 2013

When My Bridegroom Comes Blog Giveaway Continues this December 2013

Have you signed up for the free e-book that I'm giving away here in my blog? If you haven't signed up yet, you better hurry up because I'm giving it away for free for a limited time only.
But since my bridegroom and I are celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary this month, on the 19th to be exact, it will still be available this month.
This year, our wedding anniversary is made extra special because it's like I'm waiting for my bridegroom to come all over again.
My husband has been out of the country in the past three months for a special project. It's the first time that he has been away from me this long since we got engaged. It was difficult to say the least. It was difficult for me as a wife. It was difficult for me as the mother of our two little boys. There were nights when the boys and I would simply cry. It usually starts with our eldest crying to me and telling me that he misses his Dad very much. He would ask me why he can't hug or embrace his Dad. When he says those words, I just couldn't help but cry as well. I would tell him that he can hug me and his younger brother instead while thinking of his Dad. Then, when my youngest son hears or sees me and his older brother in tears, he would cry too.
Sometimes, my eyes would be filled with tears during our Skype calls when I see my kids trying to kiss and embrace their Dad through my laptop.
I figured, so this must be how kids with parents who work far from their homes feel. My husband goes out-of-town or out-of-the country every now and then as part of his job; but most are short-term trips. We miss him just the same. But this last trip, this is the hardest because it's the longest and farthest so far! Thus, we missed him big time!
So, as we count the days and the nights before he comes again (two nights to go!), I feel like I'm a bride again waiting for her bridegroom's coming.

Are you also waiting for someone? Is he your bridegroom too? Are you waiting for your dream wedding?
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