Monday, June 18, 2012

Benefits of Attending a Wedding Fair

I liked going to wedding fairs even before I got engaged.  I felt good being surrounded  by many beautiful things -- gowns, flowers, table settings, etc.  So, when I finally got engaged, I made sure that my fiance and I were able to attend at least one wedding fair.  Actually, I could not remember now exactly how many wedding fairs we attended.  I just remember that we enjoyed them. :)

Let me enumerate some benefits that couples who are planning to get married can get from attending wedding fairs. 

1.  You can get inspiraton from the exhibits. - Whether you have decided on your color motif or theme, you can still find a lot of inspiration from the things that you can see in wedding fairs.  I personally gained a lot of inspiration from the wedding fairs we attended even though I had been imagining my dream wedding for years. ;)  Thus, I encourage couples who are planning their weddings to take time out and attend two to three wedding fairs at least.  Get brochures and calling cards, take pictures, patiently walk around the booths and exhibits.  You will learn a lot!  You can improve on whatever you have already imagined or planned as you open yourselves to more inspiration from many wedding suppliers.  TIP: 1) Get as many samples and pictures (if allowed) as you can. 2) Use the pictures and brochures to put together a dream wedding board.

2.  You widen your list of wedding suppliers to choose from. - You get introduced or you get to meet many wedding suppliers at wedding fairs.  This is very important if you want to find a wedding supplier that would give you the best value for your money.  It's better to have several options than just one.  Having plenty of suppliers to choose from enable you to compare prices, outputs and packages.  I suggest that you make a rule of three.  Compare at least three suppliers before making a decision where to source a particular item for your wedding.  We met a number of our wedding suppliers at the wedding fairs we attended and that included my make-up artist, the bridal car we used, our reception venue and our photographer/videographer among others.  TIP: Get as many calling cards and brochures as you can and ask for quotations also so you and your future spouse can compare packages.
At a wedding fair after my trial make-up.
3.  You can get freebies and discounts. - This is one thing I loved the most when we attended wedding fairs during our wedding preparations.  A lot of suppliers give away freebies and discounts that you can avail of ONLY at the the wedding fair they joined.  So, if you have the money already, make sure that you bring your check book or bring your cash to be ready to book at a wedding fair you are attending.  My husband and I booked our photo/video supplier at a wedding fair and because of that we got a discount and we had FREE pre-nuptial pictorial and avp for our wedding.  In another wedding fair we attended, I had free trial make-up using Mac.  In that same wedding fair, we won a gift certificate through a raffle for a free hair and make-up service, which we used on the same day that we had our pre-nuptial pictorial.  This enabled us to save some money.  Still, at another wedding fair, we had fun posing at their free pictorial with a professional photographer.  They even gave us a cd with the digital files of our photos.  At wedding fairs, you can also haggle for a better price than if you will simply inquire via email or phone.  You will find that suppliers are more accommodating and generous on giving freebies and discounts at wedding fairs. TIP: 1) Find out ahead of time the wedding suppliers who will join the wedding fair and check out their profile, packages and sample work through their website or through friends. 2) Avail of free trials or other freebies and discounts at the fair. 3) HAGGLE/NEGOTIATE.
During our FREE pre-nuptial pictorial, where I used
 the FREE hair and make-up package we won.
4.  You save precious time. - This is another thing I loved about wedding fairs.  You save time because you can find many wedding suppliers under one roof in one day.  You can read about them and their services/products in their brochures.  You can ask them in person to verify or clarify what you read in their brochure or website.  You can negotiate for a better package.  You can see or sample their products/services.  And, if you are already decided and has the money to make a reservation, you can already book them.  You don't need to spend your precious time calling each one of them or going to their offices to talk to them, see their work samples, and book them.  Isn't that great for busy couples who are planning and preparing for their big day? TIP: Invest time to attend and to go through the booths and displays of the wedding suppliers relevant to your needs.  Don't be in a hurry to investigate.

So, mark your calendars now and be sure to make time to the next wedding fair near you.  Enjoy!
At a wedding fair in PICC Forum in 2007.
We had our pictures taken at a studio in MOA
after the wedding fair we attended at PICC Forum.
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