Friday, June 29, 2012

My Recommended Disney Love Songs for Weddings

Since the theme of our wedding was Disney Princess, it was a must for me that Disney love songs be played during our wedding reception.  I asked a violinist to play Disney songs (mostly love songs) while our guests were having cocktails, and waiting to be registered.

If you are having a Disney-themed or inspired wedding as well, here are my top 10 suggestions.  These songs can be played while your guests are lining up for the buffet, eating or you can choose one for the couple's first dance.

Click on the song titles to watch and listen to the song videos.

2. Can You Feel the Love Tonight - The Lion King

3. So This is Love - Cinderella

4. If I Never Knew You - Pocahontas

5. A Whole New World - Alladin

7. Something There - Beauty and the Beast

10. Married Life - Up

Here's a video of one of the songs I recommend.  Enjoy!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Recommended Wedding Song: One Hand, One Heart from West Side Story

I first heard this song when my high school classmates and I watched the movie West Side Story for our music class.  We even staged a high school musical of tthis Broadway hit.  In the movie, the song was sang by Tony, an American, and Maria, a Puerto Rican, who were in love with each other but their families were not approved of their relationship.  I liked the song very much and thought that it would be a nice song for my own wedding.

Actually, I wanted this song to be sang during our exchange of vows but the church coordinator said that there are no songs allowed to be sang or played during that part of the wedding ceremony.

I would still recommend this song for a wedding either during the pictorial, bridal march or during the wedding reception. 


One Hand, One Heart

Music by Leonard Bernstein, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim.

TONY: (Spoken) I, Anton, take thee, Maria . . .

MARIA: (Spoken) I, Maria, take thee, Anton . . .

TONY: For richer, for poorer . . .

MARIA: In sickness and in health . . .

TONY: To love and to honor . . .

MARIA: To hold and to keep . . .

TONY: From each sun to each moon . . .

MARIA: From tomorrow to tomorrow . . .

TONY: From now to forever . . .

MARIA: Till death do us part.

TONY: With this ring, I thee wed.

MARIA: With this ring, I thee wed.

TONY (Sings)
Make of our hands one hand,
Make of our hearts one heart,
Make of our vows one last vow:
Only death will part us now.

Make of our lives one life,
Day after day, one life.

Now it begins, now we start
One hand, one heart;
Even death won't part us now.

Make of our lives one life,
Day after day, one life.
Now it begins, now we start
One hand, one heart,
Even death won't part us now.

Below is a video clip of the part of the movie where the lead stars sing this song.

This song was recently sang in one of Glee's Season 3 episode. Click here to watch the video.

Monday, June 25, 2012

My Search for the Perfect Make-up Artist for My Wedding

My make-up artist for my wedding was one of the last few things I finalized on my list of wedding suppliers because it took me a while before I was able to find the make-up artist who can help me look my best on my big day.   Since I had been dreaming of a Disney Princess wedding theme, I imagined myself to be as beautiful as a Disney Princess.  Who's going to help bring out the princess look in me was the big question?

I had my make-up done by a number of professional make-up artists before but I was never satisfied.  I'm not photogenic and a lot of times, I didn't like how I looked in my pictures.  Thus, I really prayed to God that I would find the best person who can help me look good in my wedding pictures. 

I received a few recommendations from friends and tried them but was not satisfied.  I could not smile my happiest smile each time I looked in the mirror after each trial session.  I had three trial hair and make-up sessions before I made my final decision. 

I first met HER at a wedding fair in PICC Forum just a few months before my wedding.  She was offering a free trial hair and make-up then so I decided to avail of it.  I also requested for a quotation.

My fiance and I liked how I looked after my first trial session with her that we even decided to go to a nearby studio for a photoshoot.

I also felt that her name was a sign that she was THE MAKE-UP ARTIST I was looking for.  She's Princess Misa-Hernandez.  She is fondly called Tita Princess by her clients.

Thus, I got in touch with her again to book her services and to schedule another trial make-up.
We had another trial session using traditional make-up or Mac.  I observed how long the nice make-up would last.  I noticed that because I had oily skin, the polished look didn't last long enough. 

So, I asked Tita Princess for another trial make-up session, this time using airbrush make-up.  This is what Tita Princess says about airbrush make-up for brides. "Based on my experience and the kind of weather we have, airbrush make-up is a must.  It has so many benefits: It's water-based, 100% hypoallergenic, long-lasting (up to 18 hours), hardly requires any touch ups, water and rub-resistant... and doesn't come-off on casual contact with clothing." 

We also tried simulating my dream hair style for my big day.  I could still remember showing Belle's picture (the Disney Princess in Beauty and the Beast) on my mobile phone to her.  She and her team might have thought it funny but I admired them for patiently and graciously cooperating with me in trying to achieve my dream look for my wedding.  It was simply a must for me to look every inch a princess on my wedding day.  So as not to waste what I spent for my trial hair and make-up, my fiance and I scheduled a video shoot for our avp that same day.  TIP: Schedule your pre-nuptial pictorial or video-shoot on the same day that you'll have your trial hair and make-up to save money.
Busy bride
I'm so glad our efforts paid off after 6 trials!  I was very happy with how I looked during my wedding and I consider Tita Princess as one of the best wedding suppliers I had the pleasure of working with during that special day in my life.  She helped me look and feel every inch a princess!  She and her team were very professional.  They arrived at the hotel on time or as we have agreed; thus, we had ample time to polish my look.  we were not in a hurry.  It also helped that we had trial sessions prior to my wedding because we have already simulated it the last time and all she and her team needed to do was to recreate that look.
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of us all?
Making the mother of the bride more beautiful.
Excited to wear my gown.
Tita Princess Misa-Hernandez busy at work
in making me look perfect on my wedding day.
Finally, I was able to smile my happiest smile as I looked in the mirror on my wedding day.  I was especially flattered when the kids in the hotel's lobby gushed and tried to follow me as I passed by to go to the bridal car saying, "There's a princess!  Look!"  Thanks so much again, Tita Princess for being instrumental in fulfilling my dream wedding!  Great job!  May God use you even more to fulfill the dreams of more future brides!

Beaming with joy.

Happy princess bride and "fairy" godmother.
The very happy princess bride.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Psalm for My Dream Wedding

I have dreamed for years that the Psalm during my wedding would be sang.  My mother bought an album before entitled Christian Wedding Songs and it was in that album that I first fell in love with the song "This is the day" by Scott Wesley Brown.  I liked it very much because it was based on the verse "This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad."  The lyrics were also very beautiful.  Thus, when I got engaged, I shared this song with my future fiance.  Good thing, the priest who officiated our wedding and the church where it was held allowed us to use this song as the Psalm during our wedding ceremony.

My friend, Hanzel, was supposed to sing the verses and lead the Music Ministry in singing the chorus part; but he got sick on the day of my wedding.  Thanks to my friend, Bogs, who even with very little time to practice was able to sing it during the ceremony.  Another element in my dream wedding was fulfilled.
Bogs sings the Psalm.

My friends who formed our choir.

This is The Day

by Scott Wesley Brown

This is the day that the Lord hath made
And I'm so glad he made you
With each rising sun you are here by my side
You are more than a dream come true
Ohh, to have you, to hold you, to love you, to pray
To share with, to care with, to hold hands and say...
This is the day that the Lord hath made
And I will rejoice, I will rejoice, I will rejoice with you

This is the love that the Lord hath made
That you and I, we are one
Love's mystery is unfolding today
Written for us in the sun
Ohh, for better, for worse, for rich or for poor
Each day that passes, I love you more...
Cause this is the day that the Lord hath made
And I will rejoice, I will rejoice, I will rejoice with you
This is the day...

Monday, June 18, 2012

Benefits of Attending a Wedding Fair

I liked going to wedding fairs even before I got engaged.  I felt good being surrounded  by many beautiful things -- gowns, flowers, table settings, etc.  So, when I finally got engaged, I made sure that my fiance and I were able to attend at least one wedding fair.  Actually, I could not remember now exactly how many wedding fairs we attended.  I just remember that we enjoyed them. :)

Let me enumerate some benefits that couples who are planning to get married can get from attending wedding fairs. 

1.  You can get inspiraton from the exhibits. - Whether you have decided on your color motif or theme, you can still find a lot of inspiration from the things that you can see in wedding fairs.  I personally gained a lot of inspiration from the wedding fairs we attended even though I had been imagining my dream wedding for years. ;)  Thus, I encourage couples who are planning their weddings to take time out and attend two to three wedding fairs at least.  Get brochures and calling cards, take pictures, patiently walk around the booths and exhibits.  You will learn a lot!  You can improve on whatever you have already imagined or planned as you open yourselves to more inspiration from many wedding suppliers.  TIP: 1) Get as many samples and pictures (if allowed) as you can. 2) Use the pictures and brochures to put together a dream wedding board.

2.  You widen your list of wedding suppliers to choose from. - You get introduced or you get to meet many wedding suppliers at wedding fairs.  This is very important if you want to find a wedding supplier that would give you the best value for your money.  It's better to have several options than just one.  Having plenty of suppliers to choose from enable you to compare prices, outputs and packages.  I suggest that you make a rule of three.  Compare at least three suppliers before making a decision where to source a particular item for your wedding.  We met a number of our wedding suppliers at the wedding fairs we attended and that included my make-up artist, the bridal car we used, our reception venue and our photographer/videographer among others.  TIP: Get as many calling cards and brochures as you can and ask for quotations also so you and your future spouse can compare packages.
At a wedding fair after my trial make-up.
3.  You can get freebies and discounts. - This is one thing I loved the most when we attended wedding fairs during our wedding preparations.  A lot of suppliers give away freebies and discounts that you can avail of ONLY at the the wedding fair they joined.  So, if you have the money already, make sure that you bring your check book or bring your cash to be ready to book at a wedding fair you are attending.  My husband and I booked our photo/video supplier at a wedding fair and because of that we got a discount and we had FREE pre-nuptial pictorial and avp for our wedding.  In another wedding fair we attended, I had free trial make-up using Mac.  In that same wedding fair, we won a gift certificate through a raffle for a free hair and make-up service, which we used on the same day that we had our pre-nuptial pictorial.  This enabled us to save some money.  Still, at another wedding fair, we had fun posing at their free pictorial with a professional photographer.  They even gave us a cd with the digital files of our photos.  At wedding fairs, you can also haggle for a better price than if you will simply inquire via email or phone.  You will find that suppliers are more accommodating and generous on giving freebies and discounts at wedding fairs. TIP: 1) Find out ahead of time the wedding suppliers who will join the wedding fair and check out their profile, packages and sample work through their website or through friends. 2) Avail of free trials or other freebies and discounts at the fair. 3) HAGGLE/NEGOTIATE.
During our FREE pre-nuptial pictorial, where I used
 the FREE hair and make-up package we won.
4.  You save precious time. - This is another thing I loved about wedding fairs.  You save time because you can find many wedding suppliers under one roof in one day.  You can read about them and their services/products in their brochures.  You can ask them in person to verify or clarify what you read in their brochure or website.  You can negotiate for a better package.  You can see or sample their products/services.  And, if you are already decided and has the money to make a reservation, you can already book them.  You don't need to spend your precious time calling each one of them or going to their offices to talk to them, see their work samples, and book them.  Isn't that great for busy couples who are planning and preparing for their big day? TIP: Invest time to attend and to go through the booths and displays of the wedding suppliers relevant to your needs.  Don't be in a hurry to investigate.

So, mark your calendars now and be sure to make time to the next wedding fair near you.  Enjoy!
At a wedding fair in PICC Forum in 2007.
We had our pictures taken at a studio in MOA
after the wedding fair we attended at PICC Forum.
Click here to see the list of upcoming wedding fairs this year.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Post on My Dream Wedding

I held his hand tightly and asked him to pray with me.  I prayed allowed so he could follow in his mind even though he could no longer talk.  I can see the tears rolling down his face as he looked at me and held my hand with whatever strength that was left in him. 

We were on our way then to the hospital.  My father has just suffered his first majot stroke.  Thank God that I was there by his side.  Thank God for the miracles He gave us from the very first time it happened to the fifth time my father had a stroke.

One of the things I dreamed of happening on my wedding day was to walk down the aisle with my father towards my bridegroom.  I dreamed of dancing with him as well during my wedding reception.  This dream may seem small or trivial to some but to me this has become a big dream, especially when my father suffered from stroke several times years before I even had a boyfriend.  

Then, just before my wedding day, he had high blood pressure again and we had to rush him with the help of my fiance to the hospital.  On my wedding day, I requested a doctor friend of mine to check his blood pressure (before the bridal march and after the ceremony) to make sure he is alright since I know that he could become emotional during the ceremony.  Moreover, we decided that he will just wait at the middle of the aisle and just walk half of the church aisle's length with me and my mom for the aisle is quite long.  Tatay had difficulty walking since he suffered his first major stroke.  He can walk but very slowly and he easily gets tired.

Walking towards my parents who were waiting at the middle of the aisle.
I thank the Lord for granting me my wish and fulfilling this important detail in my dream wedding.  I thank God that I was able to walk down the aisle with Tatay towards the man I have chosen to share the rest of my life with.  I thank God that He let my father live long enough so he could give me away on my wedding day.  I thank God that I was able to dance with my father during my wedding reception.  I thank God that my father is still alive today as we celebrate another Father's Day.

Walking happily with my parents towards a new phase in my life.
Tatay started crying as I started to say goodbye to them.
Thank you, Tatay, for all that you've done for me.

George puts his arm around my father's shoulders to comfort him.

So, today as the world celebrates Father's Day, I honor not only my Tatay but God the Father as well for fulfilling this child's wish for her wedding day. Thank you very much, heavenly Father! You are simply the best Father one can ever have!

Tatay and me dancing at my wedding reception.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wedding Venues for a Destination Wedding in Tagaytay

This post is for the couples, especially the brides, who dream of having a destination wedding in the romantic city of Tagaytay.  Here are wedding venues you can choose from.  I will be updating this list from time to time.  Hope this list helps you find your dream wedding venue faster.

1. Clear Water Resthouse - Click here to view pictures and here for their wedding package.
    Address: General Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Maharlika EastTagaytay City, Cavite
    View map here.
    Telephone number: (046) 432-32-89/ 489-49-95 / 437-60-55 / 483-53-07
    Mobile number: (0918) 928-12-96 / (0922) 865-26-85

2. Hill Creek Gardens Tagaytay - Click here to view pictures and here for their 
    wedding packages.
    Address: 134 Provincial Road, Mangas, Alfonso, Cavite
    View map here.
    Mobile number: (0917) 849-5413 / (0922) 849-5413

3. Nurture Spa - Click here to view pictures and here to view their wedding packages.
    Address: Barangay Maitim II West, Tagaytay City
    View map here.
    Telephone number: (63 46) 483-0804-05
    Mobile number: (+63918) 8888SPA / (+63920) 9505724

4. Sonya's Garden - Click here to view their wedding packages.
    Address: Barangay Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite
    View map here.
    Telephone number: (63 46) 483-0804-05
    Mobile number: (+63917) 5329097 / (+63917) 5335140 / (+63917) 5231080

5. Splendido - Click here to view pictures and here for their wedding packages. 
    Address: Splendido Residential, Golf and Country Club
    View map here.
    Telephone number: (02) 693-4016
    Mobile number: (0917) 584-5274 

6. Sylvina's Garden Tagaytay - Click here to view pictures and map.
    Address: Tagaytay City, Cavite
    Telephone number: (046) 432-32-89/ 489-49-95 / 437-60-55 / 483-53-07 
    Mobile number: (0918) 928-12-96 / (0922) 865-26-85

7. Tagaytay Highlands - Click here to view their wedding packages.
    Address: Tagaytay City
    View map here.
    Telephone number: 046 483 0820 / 3657
    Mobile number: 0917 882 6885    Email:

8. Ville Sommet - Click here to view pictures and here for their wedding packages.
    Address: 5 JP Rizal St., Sicat Alfonso, Cavite
    View map here.
    Telephone number: (632) 551-8940
    Mobile number: (+63917) 8323908/ (+63922) 8569811 

(Author's note: You may click here to read my post where I listed the Catholic churches in Tagaytay, other areas in Cavite and Batangas.  I also included their addresses, telephone numbers and maps in that post.)

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Monday, June 11, 2012

5 Garden Venues for a Destination Wedding in Antipolo

This post is dedicated to the couples who want a destination wedding but are wondering if they can find a gorgeous garden venue not so far from the metro.  These five venues are good news to you because Antipolo is just 25 kilometers away from from Manila.  These venues located at the lush green hills of Antipolo will surely give you a great backdrop for your dream destination wedding with a garden theme. 

1. Jardin de Miramar - Check out their pictures here and their wedding packages here.
    Address: 276 San Jose Ext., San Isidro Antipolo City 
    View map here.
    Telephone No.: 817-1589
    Fax No.: 817-1591
    Cellphone No.: 0917-7923915

2. La Huerta - Check out their pictures here and their wedding packages here.
Address: Marigman Road, Antipolo
View map and directions here.
Telephone No.: (63)(2) 624 1397
Cellphone No.: (917) 507 3495

3. Meralco Development Center MMLDC - Check out their pictures here and wedding packages here.
Address: Km. 27 Sumulong Hi-way, Antipolo City 
View map and directions here.
Telephone No.: (632) 632-8111 or (632) 696-3051
Fax No.: (632) 696-1027

4. The Mango Farm - Check out their pictures here and their wedding packages here.
Address: 22 Shield St., Kingsville Court
View map and directions
Telephone No.: + 632.645.6993
Cellphone No.: + 63.908.882.3929

5. L'Aquinum Garden - Check out their pictures here and here their wedding packages here.
Address: Kingsville Subdivision, Sumulong Highway, Antipolo
View map 
Telephone No.: 9424310
Cellphone No.: 09274220527, 09328672643

Don't be content with looking at the pictures in their gallery.  Do schedule an occular asap so you could see for yourself how truly beautiful these venues are.  I also suggest that you request to see actual set-ups for weddings.

Good luck on your search!  Enjoy your visits!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

12 Garden-inspired Venues in Quezon City

This post is a follow up to my earlier post The Search for My Dream Wedding Reception Venue.  I hope to help future brides by enumerating the garden-inspired venues in Quezon City here in case it is compatible with their wedding theme.  I will be updating this list from time to time as I find out about other venues in the future.

  1. Blue Gardens is located at 28 Samonte street via Zuzuaregui Road, Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City. Click here to view the map in their website.
  1. Casa Camba is located at 52 11th St., New Manila, Quezon City. You can view the map to this new venue (as posted in their website) here.
  1. Fernwood Gardens is located at 69 Cenacle Drive, Sanville Subdivision, Quezon City. Click here to view map.
  1. Gazebo Royale is located at Rona’s Garden compound, 29 Visayas Avenue extension, Quezon City.  Click here to see the map in their multiply site.
  1. Grand Terraces is located at 5 Villanueva Drive corner Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City.  They are just beside Puregold.  See the map to the venue here.

  1. Light of Love Events Place is located at 1163 Santol St, Quezon City. You can check the map to this events venue that I just discovered as I was writing this post in their website at the contact us portion.
  1. Plaza Ibarra is located at 77 Timog Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City.  You can see the map here.
  1. Secret Garden is located at Seiko Street, Interville 3, Novaliches, Quezon City. You can view the map and get directions to uncover this secret here in their website.
  1. Solea Garden is located at 10 Baler street, San Francisco Del Monte, Quezon City. You can view the map to the venue here.

  1. The Big Tent Venue is located at Isidora Hills, Holy Spirit Drive, Don Antonio, Commonwealth, Quezon City.  Here is the map to the venue.
  1. The Oasis is located at 169 Aurora Boulevard, San Juan Metro Manila.  To see the map going to this venue, click here.

  1. Windmills and Rainforests is located at 60 Scout Borromeo street, South Triangle, Quezon City. Click here to see the map.
Hope this helps!  Enjoy the search!

(Author's note: I recently wrote a post where I listed Catholic churches near these venues with their contact details and links to the maps showing their location.  Click here to see the list.)

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Friday, June 8, 2012

The Search for My Dream Wedding Reception Venue

I have dreamed of having my wedding reception in a sprawling garden under the canopy of stars for quite a while but when I was already engaged, I realized that for that dream to come true, I need to have my wedding in a cool place and that my wedding should take place in the summer when the possibility of rain is either nil or small.  Thinking about it further, I realized that if I want to stick to that kind of wedding reception, then my wedding ceremony should also be near that reception venue.  But where do I find cool gardens?  Antipolo, Tagaytay or Baguio?  That would mean a destination wedding.  Is that what I really want?  How about getting married in the church of my dreams with a shimmery purple wall behind the altar?  Will it be practical?  Can my future bridegroom and I afford it?  These thoughts were in my mind many times even before I had a boyfriend.  But I did not really think of them seriously until I got engaged in 2006.

When I finally got engaged, I’ve decided that fulfilling my dream of having my wedding in a church with  shimmery purple walls was more important to me than the reception venue of my dreams.  So bye-bye destination wedding.

As soon as George and I were able to reserve the church for our wedding and the wedding date has been finalized, the search was on for the venue of our wedding reception.  What are our musts for our wedding venue?  First, it must be aligned with the theme of our wedding, which is Disney Princess and it must be garden-inspired.  Second, it must be accessible and near the church where the wedding ceremony would be held.  Third, it should be elegant but not be too costly because we want to have enough money to purchase and furnish our first home.  Fourth, it should be big enough for our guests and still have room for a stage or dance area for the program.  And lastly, it should have plenty of parking space for our guests.  Initially, I wanted to have the reception to be in a garden underneath the stars but with the concerns on climate change and the unreliability of weather forecasts sometimes, I’ve decided eventually to have the reception indoors but outside the wedding venue should be a beautiful garden.  I also decided that I want an air conditioned reception venue because I don’t want my face to be oily because of sweat.  Decembers are not as cold as they used to be. 

We made a shortlist of all the garden-inspired venues near our chosen church and scheduled a visit.  Since the church where our wedding ceremony would be held is in Tandang Sora, Quezon City, these were the venues we considered.

1. Fernwood Gardens is located at 69 Cenacle Drive, Sanville Subdivision, Quezon City.  I’ve been there several times when I attended the wedding of some of my friends and when I accompanied some friends who were preparing for their weddings.  So when I went there with George, I was quite familiar already with the venue.  It was still as beautiful as when I first saw it.  Some of the things I noticed however that made me think twice about having our wedding reception there are the following: first, it was not air conditioned; second, I felt that there were too many trees in the venue such that there are trees sometimes between tables; third, the rate for use of the venue was expensive; and fourth, there are events held simultaneously although at other venues within the compound.  It was towards evening when we visited the place but it was still hot so I worried about my make-up on the day of my wedding.  I was perspiring and I could not feel much breeze.  So, I thought that I would feel warmer on my wedding day when I would be wearing a gown.  Then, as we went around the venues in their compound, we noticed that the speakers are loud enough to be heard in other parts of the compound.  This made George apprehensive.  Plus, we were not comfortable to be spending a very big sum of money for our wedding reception venue alone.  We thought of the things we could use the money for if we choose not to have our reception there.  We could already use the equivalent amount as reservation or part of the downpayment for our first home or use it to buy pieces of furniture and appliances for our future home.  So, we continued our search.

2. Gazebo Royale is located at Rona’s Garden compound, 29 Visayas Avenue extension, Quezon City.  We went to Gazebo Royale twice if I’m not mistaken.  The first time was when we inquired about their packages and checked out the place.  The first thing I noticed was that the venue was not air conditioned.  I also felt that the plants were not as plentiful as I expected from venues that claim to be a garden venue.  George and I even joked about how we felt that there were too many trees and plants at Fernwood Gardens and how too few in our perspective the foliage were at Gazebo Royale.  We wondered if we can find the garden venue that we want.  Anyway, we still went back to see the place again when there was an event scheduled to see how the venue looked at night and when it has been decorated to experience its ambiance.  It looked better at night with the lights on but we still felt that their garden was not big enough for us and our guests to wander around in and the parking area is too small.  We left the place dissatisfied.  

3. The Oasis is located at 169 Aurora Boulevard, San Juan Metro Manila.  When we went to see the party venue Oasis, their Pavilion was not yet air conditioned.  I was perspiring a lot.  We also felt that their Pavilion was too big for the number of guests in our wedding.  Our target number of guests was between 150 to 200 only.  The Pavilion’s capacity is up to 450 guests.  We also did not find their garden inviting enough.  They had other venues within their compound other than the Pavilion but I was not satisfied when I saw them and the pictures they showed when these venues were dressed up for weddings.  We went there I think at least twice to view the venue (Pavilion) while there was a wedding going on so we can see how it would actually look if decorated.  Both of us however were not impressed.

4. Grand Terraces is along Commonwealth Avenue.  It’s located at 5 Villanueva Drive corner Commonwealth Avenue to be exact.  Again, just like Gazebo Royale, we felt that there wasn’t enough garden in this venue to enjoy.  The grass was not real inside the supposed garden venue.  In short, we felt that it was simply another event venue where both a few real and synthetic plants were added.  It was not still the garden venue that we are searching for.
By the fountain in front of the entrance doors
to the chateau.
5. Blue Gardens is located at 28 Samonte street via Zuzuaregui Road, Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City.  We were first introduced to this venue through a wedding fair we attended at Megamall.  I fell in love with the venue as soon as I saw it.  It fit perfectly with the theme I have chosen.  It has a beautiful English garden filled with flowers of different colors and has a cobblestone path.  It has a white gazebo inspired by Castle Versailles of France and an arch filled with flowering vines.  It is big enough to be used for an outdoor ceremony and/or reception. 

But if one prefers an air conditioned indoor venue, they also have a European-inspired Chateau with white interiors, a glass chandelier, Greek pillars with silk flowering vines going around them, and large French windows enabling guests to see the garden outside. 

The elevated stage and couple's table and
glass windows with panoramic view of the garden.
The main hall at the second floor has an elevated stage as well with a panoramic view of the English garden outside. It was perfect for my Disney Princess theme. It looked like the hall of a castle in my fairy tale books and there’s a beautiful and romantic garden outside with a bubbling fountain adorned by purple flowers. Just like in the other venues we visited, they have air conditioned rooms for the bride and for the groom respectively. They also have enough parking space for our wedding guests. One of the things that we love about Blue Gardens is that given its elegance, it was not pricey. They also do not allow simultaneous events, which gives whoever is having the event exclusivity. The wedding packages they have are affordable and they also have good caterers affiliated with them. Another thing I liked that is part of their package is that they give away flowering plants as souvenirs for guests, very apt for the garden theme. We went there again a second time to see it decorated for an event then we reserved the venue and scheduled our taste test with one of their caterers. Their staff who assisted us in preparing and coordinating for our wedding was also very accommodating and helpful.   

Here are some pictures to give you a glimpse of this beautiful venue. Most of the pictures were taken during our actual wedding.

The presidential table.

Enjoying our wedding.
And we danced happily at the party.
At the Chateau entrance doors.

Garden pictorial with my prince charming.

I highly recommend Blue Gardens to any future bride who wants a princess-themed wedding or a garden wedding ceremony or reception. 

You can reach them at the following contact numbers. 
Telephone: (632) 430 5982

Telefax: (632) 931 1628

Their email address is
Their office hours are from Tuesdays to Saturdays, 10am-5pm only and Sundays, 11am-5pm only.

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