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This page was inspired by an article I wrote last year for The Philippine Online Chronicles where I interviewed a number of ladies about their dream weddings.  It was a heartwarming assignment and it reminded me of my own dream wedding that eventually came true.  I've been planning to feature contributions of other brides-to-be in my blog since last year when I started it but I had been too busy.  Today, I choose to act on that plan by creating this page.  I will begin posting the dream weddings of some of my friends who have entrusted me with their visions for their wedding.  All dream wedding posts will be summarized on this page with links to the original post.
I'd like to invite you, too, dear reader, to share with me your vision for your dream wedding.  You may send it to me at teregmps@yahoo.com.  Just describe it as best you can, using the first person point of view, with as many details as you can imagine.  You don't need to be a professional writer to do this.  I'll edit/fine-tune it before publishing it in this blog.  I'd like these stories to be inspirational so I would only feature dream weddings of those who are willing to publish their stories with their real names. 
Please include also some details for your profile, such as:
  • full name
  • age/age range
  • profession/work
  • nationality
It might take a while before I publish your dream wedding story in this site because I'm also a busy Mommy with several work-at-home projects.  (You can take a peek at my Mommy adventures in my blog, Mommy Bares All.)  But I will do my best to feature at least one dream wedding story each month.

And when your dream wedding finally comes true, please get back to me and share your story once more of how your dream was turned into reality.  I would love to publish that in this site as well.
May your dream weddings come true!

Here's the link to the article I wrote last June 2012 to get the ball rolling.  And to find out how my dream wedding came true bit by bit, check out My Dream Wedding page of this blog.

Dream Wedding Stories

My Dream Wedding by Rhodz Yabut

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