Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Dream Wedding by Rhodz Yabut

I finally had the time to feature a dream wedding here in my blog.  This is the dream wedding of one of my close friends.  She was one of those whom I interviewed for my article last year, which eventually inspired me to come up with this blog. 

I'd like to thank Rhodz for allowing me to share her treasured dream here in my blog to encourage other single ladies to dream and make their dream wedding as specific as they could.  I hope and pray that by asking Rhodz to be specific with her dream wedding, I have helped her to move closer to its fulfillment.  I hope and pray, too, that you will also be inspired to pause and imagine what your dream wedding would be like as you read this post.

Cheers to the first dream wedding story in this blog!


I love weddings!  They give me a warm feeling of happiness and joy!  I believe that a wedding is the union of two people who are in-love with each other.  Otherwise, they will not end up in the altar!  I believe that every single woman has her own dream wedding, and I am no different!  How do I envision my future wedding to be?  I haven’t given much thought to it until recently... and here is how I imagined it would be...
Photo source here.
It is a mixture of all the things that I love -- flowers and gardens, romantic music, the beach, and sunset!  I dream of geting married in a church or a chapel with a long aisle to march on, on top of a mountain or a hill, before sunset.  Outside of this church or chapel is a spacious garden with lots of trees and flowers, overlooking a beach.  I don’t know if such a place exists in the Philippines, but I do hope so to make my dream wedding happen in such a place!  I imagine myself marching in my wedding gown with a long lace veil covering my face  and making a long train at the back, while I hold a bouquet with a mixture of baby pink, apple green, and white tulips.  On the long aisle is a red carpet where scattered on it are lots of white rose petals.  On the side of the aisle are beautiful flower arrangements of both garden and forest flowers with the same color motif. 
All the important people in my life -- my family, relatives, closest friends and community friends who are all wearing white summer/beach outfits – surround me and watch me as I march to the music of The First Time I Loved Forever played by a quartet and sang by an all male choir.  My groom has a wide smile and a radiant face as he looks at me walking towards him and the altar. 
Photo source here.
The reception is in the same area -- a spacious garden overlooking the beach.  Torches serve as lights.  All tables, adorned by garden and forest flowers like in the church, have a green apple fruit in the middle of the arrangement.  The place is surrounded with flowering plants.  We all watch the sunset together as the party goes on.  The guests have fun eating the sumptous meal and the wide variety of desserts we prepared for them.  They dance the night away through the romantic and danceable music provided by the quartet and the band.  The wedding party is capped by a fireworks display and the sound of the waves down the beach...
Oh, how I hope this dream wedding of mine will come true as I envisioned it by the grace of God!
Rhodz Yabut is an Early Childhood Education Teacher from the Philippines who is in her thirties.