Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Church for My Dream Wedding

The church facade, taken on the day of my wedding.

I first set foot on it when I attended the wedding of my friends, Cris and Miel.  I was the commentator in their wedding then.  Donning a maroon-colored slim gown and a sunset orange-colored poncho, I walked slowly on my high heels into the church.  Then, my eyes rested on the wall behind the altar of the church.  I almost could not believe my eyes.  It was purple and shimmering because of the gold stars on it.  It looked magical!  It was perfect for my dream wedding theme which was Disney Princess!  I initially did not think that even the church where I would wed would be aligned with my desired wedding theme and color motif which was pink and purple.  But there I was standing inside Our Lady of Consolation Parish church. 

The purple wall behind the altar.
The church is located inside Mira Nila Homes in Tandang Sora, Quezon City.  I think the church is constructed on a hilly/elevated portion of the subdivision.  It has a relatively long aisle which was what I wanted so that my bridal march would not be brief.

So, I promised myself that afternoon, one day I will get married in that church.  That was early 2000. 

The view from the church doors
during my wedding.

The next time I was at the church to attend a wedding was during the wedding of my friend, Ria.  Ria also loved the color purple so it was not surprising that she chose to be married in the same church.  This time, I wore a pink dress to the wedding.  I made a wish that day.  My wish was that the next time I go to that church, it will be with my future bridegroom.  That was 2006 I think (if my memory serves me right).  Incidentally, in a game for singles at Ria's wedding reception, I got a piece of paper with the word "next."  The emcee said that it meant I was getting married next.  I was happy with the thought.  But I had no idea how it will come true for I was still very much single and unattached that time.

I remember asking my friend who lives in the same subdivision if there are any plans in their parish to change the paint or design of the wall behind their altar.  I was concerned that they might change its color before my wedding. ;)

Then, God granted me my wish!  The following year, I went back to that church with my fiancĂ©, George, to reserve the church for our wedding day.  I was so happy!

Walking down the aisle on a red carpet.

My bridegroom and I at the altar.

I was happiest of course on my wedding day as I walked down the aisle of that church with a purple wall behind its altar on the third week of Advent.  Thus, part of the church decor was a wreath with three purple candles and a pink candle.

We reserved the church more than a year before our wedding since churches easily get booked especially in the month of December.  Our wedding was held on December 19, 2007.

The walls behind the altar provided the best backdrop for our pictorial with our wedding entourage.

With our bride's maids and groom's men

With our flower girls, ring bearer and Bible bearer.
Finally, Mr. and Mrs.

Here are some information about Our Lady of Consolation Parish in case the pictures you saw in this blog made you want to get married there as well.

You can see more photos of the church here in Flicker.

It can accommodate up to one thousand people.  It also has a hall across the church within the church compound where wedding receptions can be held.  There are also other wedding venues you can choose from near the church, which makes it a good place to get married.

81 Alondras Street, Mira-nila Homes
Tandang Sora, UP P.O. Box 206
1101 Quezon City

You can view the map to the church here.

Telephone number: (02) 931-1999  

Telefax: 456-6160

This is how the church looks in a regular wedding.


  1. Hi, where was catering held?

  2. Your church wedding was truly adorable! I really loved everything especially decorations. I want to have a similar wedding ceremony at one of my favorite outdoor wedding venues NYC. I’ll tie the knot by end of May next year.