Tuesday, December 10, 2013

When My Bridegroom Comes Blog Giveaway Continues this December 2013

Have you signed up for the free e-book that I'm giving away here in my blog? If you haven't signed up yet, you better hurry up because I'm giving it away for free for a limited time only.
But since my bridegroom and I are celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary this month, on the 19th to be exact, it will still be available this month.
This year, our wedding anniversary is made extra special because it's like I'm waiting for my bridegroom to come all over again.
My husband has been out of the country in the past three months for a special project. It's the first time that he has been away from me this long since we got engaged. It was difficult to say the least. It was difficult for me as a wife. It was difficult for me as the mother of our two little boys. There were nights when the boys and I would simply cry. It usually starts with our eldest crying to me and telling me that he misses his Dad very much. He would ask me why he can't hug or embrace his Dad. When he says those words, I just couldn't help but cry as well. I would tell him that he can hug me and his younger brother instead while thinking of his Dad. Then, when my youngest son hears or sees me and his older brother in tears, he would cry too.
Sometimes, my eyes would be filled with tears during our Skype calls when I see my kids trying to kiss and embrace their Dad through my laptop.
I figured, so this must be how kids with parents who work far from their homes feel. My husband goes out-of-town or out-of-the country every now and then as part of his job; but most are short-term trips. We miss him just the same. But this last trip, this is the hardest because it's the longest and farthest so far! Thus, we missed him big time!
So, as we count the days and the nights before he comes again (two nights to go!), I feel like I'm a bride again waiting for her bridegroom's coming.

Are you also waiting for someone? Is he your bridegroom too? Are you waiting for your dream wedding?
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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Your Tagaytay Dream Wedding Unveiled

Hi future brides and grooms! Do you already have plans for the weekend? If you are still free on Saturday, I suggest that you head to Tagaytay to attend Ville Sommet's Bridal Fair.

If you've started planning for your dream wedding, chances are that you already know that it would be difficult to make it happen without the help of a dream team. This bridal fair is your chance to look for the right people in your team. You can also enjoy the scenery and the nice weather while doing that.
Admission is free and there are special promotions and discounts offered to couples who will book on the day of the event. I highly recommend that you bring your check books with you in case you find a wedding supplier that matches your requirements. Availing of promotions and discounts at wedding fairs is one way to save on your wedding expenses while having fun. My husband and I had fun going around bridal/wedding fairs when we were still an engaged couple. It was also through these fairs that we found some of our wedding suppliers.
You may get more details about the event in their Facebook Page.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Celebrating more than 100,000 pageviews

Yesterday, I celebrated Mommy Bares All's (my other blog) 100,000 pageviews. Today, God gave me another reason to celebrate. This blog has reached more than 100,000 pageviews as well after a little more than a year! Amazing! What a pleasant surprise from God!
I never thought that this blog could reach this mark this soon. I simply thought of sharing my experiences as I prepared for my wedding and my bridegroom through this blog. I'm so happy to discover that this little blog of mine has reached this number of people.

Let me thank you, dear readers, for taking time to read my posts. Thank you for choosing to sign up for my e-book, How to Have the Wedding of Your Dreams. Thank you for being part of my blog and being instrumental in helping it reach this mark.
I hope to write more relevant posts that can be of help to more brides and grooms and to singles who are still waiting for their one true love to come into their lives.
God bless you all!
May our hearts be filled always with love and may we continue to spread love to those around us!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Blog Anniversary Give-away: How to Have the Wedding of Your Dreams e-book

It has been 1 year and 10 days since I first started this blog. I'd like to thank all of you, my dear visitors, readers and subscribers, for being part of this blog. Without all of you, our more than 68,000 pageviews (so far as of today) would not be possible.
I thank all of you for the inspiration to write my first e-book: How to Have the Wedding of Your Dreams. It was because of your pageviews of my wedding preparation-related posts that I was moved to write my newest book.

Thus, this month of June, to celebrate the wedding month and this blog's 1st year anniversary, I'm giving away my first e-book for FREE! Don't miss this gift from me this month. Sign up now on the box to your right to avail of our blog give-away!
Enjoy reading and be blessed!
Here's a toast to more dream weddings coming true!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

FREE e-book to When My Bridegroom Comes Blog Subscribers: How to Have the Wedding of Your Dreams

The inspiration to write this e-book first came to me when I attended a conference last March. I was very excited to write the book but other priorities got in the way. I made sure though that I wrote my basic ideas down so I can easily remember them the next time I have more time in my hands.

A few weeks ago, I finally had the time to act on the inspiration. With a lot of help and support from my bridegroom, I'm happy to share with you that the first installment is now available for download when you subscribe to this blog.
I designed in such a way that you will not only receive inspiration through the e-book but you will also receive worksheets that you can print and use to plan for your dream wedding. I'm sharing FOUR STEPS that you can take to step into the wedding of your dreams. I'm sharing with you some of the tools as well which I used to plan my own wedding and some tips that helped me step into the wedding that I had dreamed of for many years.
Do you want to get your copy of this e-book now?
Head over to this blog's sidebar, type your name and email and sign up for this e-book that I'm giving away for FREE! I promise not to give away your contact information to anyone. :)
I'm so excited to give this away to future brides! My heart was brimming with joy, inspiration and hope when I wrote this book.
So, are you a future bride? Then, this e-book is for you! I'm excited to provide inspiration and practical help to you through it.
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May your dream wedding come true!
Dreaming with you,

Friday, April 26, 2013

Celebrating a Small Victory: Over 50,000 Pageviews in Less Than a Year

This is totally unexpected! I never thought that this new blog which I started less than a year ago (almost 10 months as of today) would have this much traffic and pageviews! It began as a sudden burst of inspiration after writing an article for another website where I'm a regular contributor. Then, more ideas and inspirations flowed.
Before long, I was busy working on many other things. Honestly, BUSY is an understatement if you know ALL the things that I'm currently doing. But the blog continued to pick up speed as if it had a life of its own. I kept receiving wonderful surprises each morning as I check the pageviews.
This is simply wonderful! I want to pause and savor the moment. :)
Over 50,000 pageviews in almost 10 months! Wow!
This could be small or nothing to experienced bloggers but to someone like me who is a newbie with so much to learn and understand about blogging, this is already a reason to do a dance of joy. Writing is simply one of my favorite hobbies. I used to write on journals only. It was my husband who encouraged me to start a blog actually! And now this happened! Thank you so much, Lord! For the inspiration and for this encouragement.
My prayer is that through this blog, I'd be able to inspire and help more future brides.
Here are the TOP 10 POSTS OF ALL TIME (As of this moment):
Cheers to all bloggers! Cheers to all future brides!

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Will Watch For You, Lord

I had been busy in the past days working on a number of projects and work-at-home gigs.  Today was no different.  There were challenges but generally, there were a lot of blessings.  I even received surprised blessings from the Lord as I worked on my projects.  I felt that God was encouraging me today as I persevered and did my share in my assignments from Him.  I admit that there are days when my self-esteem is quite low and I feel very tired.  Sometimes, I don't have the energy to write anymore.  Today, I chose to simply make baby steps to move forward in my assignments and I was amazed to realize at the end of the day that I had accomplished a number of tasks.  "Not by might, not by power, but by God's spirit."  I acknowledge that it was God's grace that enabled me to accomplish these tasks amid a lot of distractions at home and other domestic concerns.  With all these things that happened today, challenges and triumphs alike, I was reminded of a poem that I wrote in 2005.  It was inspired by Joshua 1:5, 8-9 and Micah 7:7,15.
Let me share this poem with you.
I Will Watch For You, Lord
(published in the book When My Bridegroom Comes)
"Be determined! Be confident!"
That's what the Lord commanded me.
"Be not afraid.  Be not discouraged."
Those were His Words to me.
"Study My Word day and night.
Believe and obey everything I say
And go forth with great courage
For I, the Lord, Your God
Am with you all the way."
So I rose from my bed and prayed,
"Work miracles for me, Lord
Like you did in the days of Egypt.
Work miracles for me, Lord!
I will step out and will not be afraid!"
I will watch for you, Lord.
I will watch confidently
for You, my God, to save me.
I know, my God, You will hear me. 
Do you need a boost in your confidence?  Do you also need miracles from God?  Do you need encouragement to keep going?  I invite you to meditate on this poem with me.  And let us wait for the Lord to grant us the miracles that we so badly need.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Dream Wedding by Rhodz Yabut

I finally had the time to feature a dream wedding here in my blog.  This is the dream wedding of one of my close friends.  She was one of those whom I interviewed for my article last year, which eventually inspired me to come up with this blog. 

I'd like to thank Rhodz for allowing me to share her treasured dream here in my blog to encourage other single ladies to dream and make their dream wedding as specific as they could.  I hope and pray that by asking Rhodz to be specific with her dream wedding, I have helped her to move closer to its fulfillment.  I hope and pray, too, that you will also be inspired to pause and imagine what your dream wedding would be like as you read this post.

Cheers to the first dream wedding story in this blog!


I love weddings!  They give me a warm feeling of happiness and joy!  I believe that a wedding is the union of two people who are in-love with each other.  Otherwise, they will not end up in the altar!  I believe that every single woman has her own dream wedding, and I am no different!  How do I envision my future wedding to be?  I haven’t given much thought to it until recently... and here is how I imagined it would be...
Photo source here.
It is a mixture of all the things that I love -- flowers and gardens, romantic music, the beach, and sunset!  I dream of geting married in a church or a chapel with a long aisle to march on, on top of a mountain or a hill, before sunset.  Outside of this church or chapel is a spacious garden with lots of trees and flowers, overlooking a beach.  I don’t know if such a place exists in the Philippines, but I do hope so to make my dream wedding happen in such a place!  I imagine myself marching in my wedding gown with a long lace veil covering my face  and making a long train at the back, while I hold a bouquet with a mixture of baby pink, apple green, and white tulips.  On the long aisle is a red carpet where scattered on it are lots of white rose petals.  On the side of the aisle are beautiful flower arrangements of both garden and forest flowers with the same color motif. 
All the important people in my life -- my family, relatives, closest friends and community friends who are all wearing white summer/beach outfits – surround me and watch me as I march to the music of The First Time I Loved Forever played by a quartet and sang by an all male choir.  My groom has a wide smile and a radiant face as he looks at me walking towards him and the altar. 
Photo source here.
The reception is in the same area -- a spacious garden overlooking the beach.  Torches serve as lights.  All tables, adorned by garden and forest flowers like in the church, have a green apple fruit in the middle of the arrangement.  The place is surrounded with flowering plants.  We all watch the sunset together as the party goes on.  The guests have fun eating the sumptous meal and the wide variety of desserts we prepared for them.  They dance the night away through the romantic and danceable music provided by the quartet and the band.  The wedding party is capped by a fireworks display and the sound of the waves down the beach...
Oh, how I hope this dream wedding of mine will come true as I envisioned it by the grace of God!
Rhodz Yabut is an Early Childhood Education Teacher from the Philippines who is in her thirties.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Best Time to Build Your Wealth - Lessons Learned after Looking Back

I conducted a Sales Training Program and a Teambuidling Workshop yesterday for a group of Managers and Supervisors for one of my clients.  I had a great time!  I love this kind of job because I'm able to help many with the work that I do.  My job as a Management and Human Resources/Training Consultant lets me inspire and motivate my participants to aspire and strive to be better in what they are doing and be the best they can be.  It also lets me teach practical and concrete ways to many how they can apply the principles and strategies I share in my workshops/trainings to reach their goals and full potential.  My participants seemed to have a great time, too!  They had many wonderful insights as we processed our activities and as they presented their own ideas during our exercises.  There was hearty laughter the whole day as we exchanged ideas and stories all the way until our dinner.
I love it when I hear them speak out lessons/learnings that they had as we processed our activities and how they think they can apply them in the work setting or their work place and in their personal lives.
Yesterday, I felt that I could identify with one of my participants as I listened to her share about her regret of not being responsible enough and careful with the money she earned in the past years.  She said this after we did an activity called Lifeline where I asked all the participants to make a line graph to illustrate their high points and low points in their professional and personal life.  She said that she could have done better in managing her finances in the past especially since she was earning much then.  But I was glad to hear that with her realization she decided to be more resposible and conscious of the way she spends her money.
I could relate to her experience because I was like her when I was younger and still single.  There were a lot of times that I was spending too much on things (for example buying clothes without looking at price tags, buying dresses that costs thousands of pesos, etc.) and I had "horrible" cellphone/mobile phone bills!  I had a very expensive lifestyle which afforded me a lot of luxuries then but hindered me from saving and investing money for my future.  Looking back, I can say with my participant, "I wished I have done better."  And with my current knowledge on how to build and grow my wealth, I say: "I could have a much better investment portfolio... I could have millions already by now if I had invested my money then instead of spending them on things that were not necessary."
But it's not yet too late.  Because although we made some mistakes in the past on how we handled our finances, we can make the right choices now and avoid the same mistakes.  That's what I love about each new day in our lives.  We can start anew.  We can move forward with hope and faith again.  We can dream new dreams.  We can set new goals.  We can change our ways and start new habits.  That's what I shared with her yesterday during our workshop and during our ride to the restaurant where we had dinner with the rest of the participants.
And as you read this post, whether you are single like one of my participants who shared about her regret, engaged, or you are married just like me, this is my message to you: The best time to build your wealth is NOW!  NOW that you've realized that you need to improve your financial situation so you and your loved ones can enjoy a better life and so that you can have a brighter future.
You might be asking by now... HOW?
Let BO SANCHEZ, my mentor and my husband's mentor, teach you how.  We learned from him what we now know and we continue to learn from him though our membership in Bo's Truly Rich Club.
Bo was once a poor missionary... no income, no savings, no investments, no businesses.  But with the help of some mentors as well, he learned new things and started new habits, started investing and venturing into business.  He's now helping others become millionaires and successful businessmen like him!  Isn't that amazing? 
Would you like to learn from him as well and know how you can build your wealth and secure your/your family's future?  Click here.
You don't need to have lots of extra money to start building your wealth.  In fact, Bo has taught and helped his maids and driver invest!  They are now on their way to becoming millionnaires as well! 
So, take a good look at your expenses and see where you can save and rechannel.  Review your budget and set aside an amount each month that you will use to build your wealth and secure your future and your family's future.  Had I known this stuff before and been mentored by Bo before when I was still single and earning much monthly, I could have invested at least Php2,500 to Php5,000 each month!  Why that amount?  Because that was how much I spent on my cellphone bill before!  I'm glad that I know this now and that little by little I'm able to build my wealth together with my husband through the guidance we get from our mentor Bo Sanchez of the Truly Rich Club
Act NOW!  Click here to find out more about Bo Sanchez's Truly Rich Club and let him tell you his story. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

List of Catholic Churches in Baguio

Summer is fast approaching.  Can you feel the summer heat now in your homes?  I wonder if there are couples who are considering a destination wedding in Baguio this summer?  Here is my advance gift to you -- a list Catholic churches in Baguio that can help you in your wedding preparation.  Click on the names of the churches to go to their websites.
Address: Mount St. Mary Hill (Cathedral Hill), General Luna Road
Telephone number: (074) 442-4256; (074) 304-4064
Click here to see map.

Address: P. Ledesma Street, Aurora Hill
Telephone number: (074) 442-4343; (074) 445-4962
Click here to see map.


Address: Lucban
Telephone number: (074) 442-4436
Click here to see map.

Address: Pacdal
Telephone number: (074) 442-4021
Click here to see map.
Address: Campo Filipino, Naguilian Road
Telephone number: (074) 442-5357; (074) 442-6986
Click here to see map.
Address: Kisad Road
Telephone number: (074) 443-9332
Click here to see map.
And if you're planning to do an ocular, I suggest that you pass by the Pink Sisters convent also and ask for the nuns to pray for you and your future spouse as you prepare for your wedding and your marriage.  You can find them at Brent Road and contact them at (072) 442-5203. You may click here to see map.
Moreover, I highly encourage you to visit all seven churches especially if you plan to go there this Lent so you can do Visita Iglesias.
Hope this helps.  God bless!
Trivia: Celebrities, Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzalez, got married at St. Joseph the Worker Parish in 2001.   

Sunday, February 17, 2013

(Used to be) Dateless on Valentine's Day

I had been dateless on Valentine’s Day for years. There were years when I didn’t receive any flowers or roses… no love letters nor gifts. No fancy dinner dates with someone special to look forward to or fuss about. No one to hold hands with or exchange sweet messages with. There were years when I dreaded the month of February and the sight of all things that reminds me that Valentine’s Day was nearing. I hated the feeling of wanting to be like the rest.

That was me in Singapore resting by the lake after walking around.
But there were also many years when I didn’t mind not receiving anything at all or not having a special someone to celebrate it with. Those were the years when I was happily single, enjoying the company of friends, busy pursuing my passions and interests, busy achieving my personal goals. Those were years when I was so full of hope and faith that in time, I will celebrate Valentine’s Day with someone very special to me and who will make me feel special as well.

What helped me “survive” those years of being dateless on Valentine’s Day were these: first, I was surrounded by loving, single friends; second, I was part of a community of single men and women; third, I knew that I was called to the married life; and last but not least, I had a strong personal relationship with my God.

I was blessed that for most of my single life, I was surrounded by other single men and women who made me feel wanted, special and loved. Most of these friends of mine were part of the youth and singles community I was a part of when I was still in college and when I was already a working professional. We would arrange group dates with our female friends who were single and unattached as well. We would have Valentine activities in our youth or singles community, where singles who are not in any relationship would not feel out of place on Valentine’s Day, would have a chance to meet new friends, or simply have a good time to bond with old friends. Those were fun days! I enjoyed much of my single life because of the beautiful friendships I had during those years.

Another thing that helped me much during those dateless years is the certainty in my heart that I had been called to the married vocation. I just didn’t know when I’m getting married and with whom. I gained this certainty after I went through a state of life discernment process during my early single years. It’s a process I learned from the youth and singles community I was a part of and which I went through initially with the guidance of a Carmelite spiritual directress.

I have to admit though that even with all those helpful things/people in my life, there were times when I would still feel lonely. There were times when I would dream and long for a Valentine date with someone I love deeply. It was during those times that my strong relationship with my God helped me the most. When I felt my self esteem going down, I turned to God and allowed myself to be reminded of my dignity as His precious and beloved daughter. When I felt a strong need for companionship and even friends were not around to keep me company, I drew close to Him soaking myself in prayer so I would not forget that I’m never alone because He’s always beside me. When I felt that my love tank is empty or almost empty, I allowed God to fill me up with His unconditional and steadfast love.

Then, at one Valentine party organized for the singles in our community seven years ago, I met someone who was to be my Valentine for years to come. I went to that party with no expectation that I would meet someone new who can be my potential Valentine date in the future. I went there mainly because I was launching my book, When My Bridegroom Comes. It was a book I wrote about the challenges and joys of a single lady waiting and wondering when her bridegroom will come. I wrote it because I wanted to encourage and inspire other single ladies not to despair or be discouraged while waiting. I wrote it so other single and unattached ladies like me then would know how to make the most of their season of singleness. Little did I know that while I was busy pursuing my passions at that time, I would meet the Valentine I was waiting and praying for.

I’m no longer dateless on Valentine’s Day these days. There’s now someone who sends me flowers, brings me unexpected gifts, or writes me love messages… someone who holds my hand not just when we’re dancing but also when we’re praying, someone I can go out with for a romantic Valentine date. One thing I learned though over the years is that those dateless Valentine nights contributed much to my current joy; for through them, I grew to know myself more, which led me to have greater certainty of the kind of man I want to spend the rest of my days with, not just on Valentine’s Day. Today, I look back with gratitude for all those dateless years. I’m grateful that they have taught me much and formed me into the woman that I am now. I’m thankful even for the sadness and pain I endured during those lonely nights for they helped me appreciate more the joy and love that God has brought into my life right now not just on Valentine night but every single day of my married life.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

List of Catholic Churches in Manila

I have already posted recently lists of Catholic churches in Quezon City, Tagaytay, Cavite and Batangas.  Today, I will share a list of Catholic Churches in Manila to help couples who are considering wedding venues in Manila in their wedding preparation.  Since we have already entered the season of Lent, I suggest that couples who are planning their ocular to these churches make it part of their Visita Iglesias to make their visits more meaningful and memorable.  It's like hitting two birds with one stone. :)
Let me begin with churches in Intramuros since most of the wedding venues I mentioned in my previous posts were in Intramuros.

Address: Cabildo corner Beaterio, Intramuros
Telephone number: 527-3093, 527-1796, 527-3889, 528-3876
Email: mlacathedral@yahoo.com 
Click here to view map to church.


Address: General Luna Street, Intramuros
Telephone number: 527-4052, 527-2746
Email: el89desabiduria@yahoo.es
Click here to view map to church.

Minor Basilica of San Lorenzo Ruiz (Binondo Church)

Address: Plaza L. Ruiz, Binondo
Telephone number: 242-4850, Fax: 241-4653
Click here to view map to church.

Address: M. H. Del Pilar Street corner A. Flores Street, Ermita
Telephone number: 523-2754
Click here to view map to church.

Address: 2000 M. H. Del Pilar Street, Malate
Telephone number: 523-2593, 523-3168, 400-5876
Click here to view map to church.

Address: 1521 Paz Street, Paco
Telephone number: 563-5678
Click here to view map to church.

Address: Adamson University Complex, 959 San Marcelino Street, Malate
Telephone number: 525-7853
Click here to view map to church.
I will be updating this list from time to time to add more churches in Manila.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Very Memorable Valentine Party

I launched my book, When My Bridegroom Comes, seven years ago at a Valentine's party for the single men and women in our community, Light of Jesus (LOJ).  The single men were part of the Joshua brotherhood then.  The single women were part of the Esther sisterhood.  I was very excited because I chose Someone Really Special to be my date on that memorable night.  Launching my book was my way of telling the world that I believed in my Perfect Date's love and promises so much, enough for me to write and publish a book about His promises.  Little did I know that my Perfect Date that night, arranged something which will change the course of my life.  He led me to meet my future bridegroom and spouse.  Let me tell you briefly how.
I barely knew the brothers and sisters from LOJ then.  I only had a handful of friends since I was new in the community.  But although I was new, I was invited to serve in the Singles' Service Team by our leaders.  I said yes.  I didn't know that Jesus, my Perfect Date, will use that YES to bring me closer to the man He has set aside for me.  That night, the new members of the LOJ Singles' Service Team were introduced to the community.  I was one of them... He (my future bridegroom) was also one of them. 
That's me (wearing a pink dress), third from the left.  My future bridegroom, George
(wearing a blue long-sleeved shirt and tie), was in the middle beside the one holding a mic. 
But we didn't know each other personally yet.  It was our first time to see/meet each other in a joint event for the singles in our community.
He said that he introduced himself to me that night but I was meeting so many new faces at the party and I'm very poor at remembering names so our first actual meeting didn't register in my mind right away.
But Jesus, made a way for me to remember this man and for me to be drawn closer to him.
Since I was new in the community and I needed to bring my books with me to my apartment in Makati, I asked our leader if he can help me find a ride going home.  He introduced me to George, one of the new members of the Singles Service Team presented that night.  I had no idea that riding with him that night was part of God's perfect plan for my love life.  I even signed his copy of my book which he bought.  It's both funny and amazing looking back that I autographed that book for him not knowing that he was the bridegroom I wrote about in my book! 
Below is the dedication in my book which I wrote way before I met my anointed bridegroom.
"To him whom the Father has set apart to be my anointed bridegroom and to Jesus Christ, my Lord."
That ride to my apartment in Makati was the first of many memorable rides with George.  I eventually said YES to journey with him through life before God's altar with a heart full of love and faith on December 19, 2007.
As I have written at the back cover of my book, "Almost every young woman dreams of becoming a bride one day... of standing face to face with her beloved before the altar of God with a heart full of love." 
I'm very grateful to God that He has made that dream of mine come true.  And I'm also grateful to Him for bringing me to that very memorable Valentine party.
Happy Valentine's Day to you!  May God, who first loved us, and taught us how to love, bring you to experience His wonderful love through the special people He has placed in your lives.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

List of Catholic Churches for Destination Weddings in Tagaytay, Cavite and Batangas

My post, Wedding Venues for a Destination Wedding in Tagaytay, is among the top articles or posts in this blog.  I thought that since many soon-to-be brides and grooms are planning for a destination wedding in that area, it would also be helpful to write a post about the Catholic churches near those venues I enumerated in that post.
So, here's a list of churches in Cavite and Batangas for brides and grooms who are planning a destination wedding there.  This list can be helpful as well to those who are planning to do Visita Iglesias this Lent or Holy Week.  I'll do my best to update this list as often as I can and to furnish the links to the web sites of the different churches in the list. 
Churches in Tagaytay City
Address: Tagaytay-Calamba Road, Tagaytay City National Road
Phone number: (046) 413-1375
Click here to view map.

Address: Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Tagaytay City National Road
Phone number: (046) 413-1260
Click here to view map.

Address: 4120 Tagaytay City
Phone number: (046) 413-1216
Click here to view map.
Address: Tagaytay Highlands
Phone number: (046) 483-2033
Click here to view map.

Other Churches in Cavite

Address: Biga 2, Silang, Cavite
Phone number: (046) 414-0257
Click here to view map.
Our Lady of Candelaria Parish
Address: Silang, Cavite Town Proper
Phone number: (046) 414-0352
Click here to view map.
Address: Dasmarinas, Cavite
Phone number: (046) 416-0797
Click here to view map.

Address: 353 P. Justo Street, Caridad, Cavite City
Phone number: (046) 431-6470
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Address: Km 52, Aguinaldo Highway, Lalaan 2, Rogationist Academy, Silang, Cavite
Phone number: (046) 414-0448
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Address: Barangay Wakas 2, Kawit, Cavite
Phone number: (046) 434-8445
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Address: Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas
Phone number: (0973) 729301
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Address: Don Bosco, Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas
Phone number: (0917) 524 7192
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Address: Lipa, Batangas
Phone number: (043) 756-2142
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Address: Balayan, Batangas
Phone number: (043) 211-4371
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Address: Kap Ponso Street, Bauan, Batangas
Phone number: (043) 727-1367/504-0923
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Address: Batangas City
Phone number: (043) 723-1484/9801797
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Address: Taal, Batangas
Phone number: (043) 421-1028
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Our Lady, Mary Mediatrix of All Graces (Carmel)
Address: Antipolo del Norte, P. Torres street, Lipa, Batangas
Phone number: (043) 757-5430
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Address: Divino Amor chapel, M.K. Lina street, Lipa, Batangas
Phone number: (043) 756-1314
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St. Francis Paola Church
Address: Mabini, Batangas
Phone number: (043) 487-0233
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Address: Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Nasugbu, Batangas
Phone number: (043) 416-0564
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St. Isidore Church
Address: Cuenca, Batangas
Phone number: (043) 342-1279
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St. John the Baptist Church
Address: Lian, Batangas
Phone number: (043) 215-2089
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St. Raphael Church
Address: Calaca, Batangas
Phone number: (043) 223-5068/396-1248
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St. Thomas Aquinas Church
Address: Sto. Tomas, Batangas
Phone number: (043) 778-4578
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