Monday, June 29, 2015

Why You Need to Attend This Parenting Event Even Before You Have Kids

Stephen Covey once said that everything is created twice. First in our minds or imagination; and second, when we actually work to make our imaginations our reality.

You might have a vision for yourself as a bride on your wedding day. That's is great! But do you already have a vision for yourself as a parent? Becoming a parent after you get married is usually the natural progression. You will most likely get pregnant sooner or later. Or, if you choose to adopt a child, you will also become a parent to your adopted child.

Thus, it is good to ask yourself, what kind of parent do you envision yourself to be? Do you want to be a hands-on parent? 

Do you see yourself working outside the home or from home? Or do you see yourself as a full time stay-at-home wife? Do you see yourself as a business owner or freelancer? 

What is your dream for your relationship with your future children?

One of the advantages of having a clear vision of what kind of parent you want to be, even though you're not yet a parent now, is that you can start working on making that dream a reality as early as now. You buy yourself a lot of time!

Why do I say that? What do I mean by that?

I'm speaking from experience here.

If I had known what I know now or what I learned a few years ago, I would have started working on achieving my business and finance dreams much, much earlier... when I have more time in my hands. These days, even with all the knowledge that I have, I am limited by my responsibilities as a mother of young children. I cannot and choose not to work in the same ways as before because my priorities have changed.

When you are still single, you have more control of your time. But when you are dealing with babies or small kids, it's is often hard to predict when things will happen or will get done. This is true whatever kind of parenting style you choose -- gentle or positive parenting or authoritative parenting. Believe me for I have tried both!

Take this blog post for example. I was in the middle of writing this post when my baby cried. So, I hurriedly left this post unfinished to run to my baby when I heard him cry.

When I was still single, I would not stop writing until I am done with an article or story I wanted to write, especially when my creative juices are flowing. But now that I have a baby and small kids, I can't and I choose not to do that anymore... even if I am in the zone or even when I have looming deadlines. I just don't have the heart to let my baby cry continuously while I try to finish my work. I have a baby whose life literally depends on me because I breastfeed him. I provide food for him. I have a toddler who wants me to read books to him, who needs me to give him a bath and who wants me to play with him. I have a 6-year-old who needs me to listen to his stories or his music. He needs me to look at his latest creation, be it a drawing or something that he built. I need to cook and feed these children and make sure they're are safe to say the least.

Working to reach your financial goals and establishing a business or systems that will enable you to earn passive income takes a LOT of time.

So, whether you are already engaged, your wedding day is already close or you just tied the knot recently, I invite you to join us at the Hands-On Parents while Earning or H.O.P.E. Summit on August 8 from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM at the AVR of the PLDT TelTech Building, Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong City. 

There will be a number of talks you can learn from on how to be a hands-on parent while earning. You will have an opportunity to meet and listen to parents whose reality is what many dream about. You will have a chance to pause and dig deep into your heart so you can discover your main reasons for wanting to be the kind of parent you want to be. You will also have a chance to come up with a clear and compelling vision for yourself as a parent and as an earning individual. And, you can make initial plans on how you can walk towards fulfilling your goal of becoming a hands-on parent while earning.

I encourage you to invest your time on this life-changing event and to secure your slot now while you can still avail of the early bird rate of P1,500. We only have limited seats. Click here to sign up now.

See you at the H.O.P.E. Summit!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

An Invitation to Future Moms to Prepare for Motherhood

Hi, brides-to-be! I know that most readers of this blog are future brides preparing for their weddings and some are still single and waiting for their prince charming. But there might also be readers here who are planning to have a baby right away after their wedding so I'm extending the invitation to you to one of my future events for my latest book Breastfeeding: A Journey Worth Taking.

As I've shared many times with future brides, your wedding is only the beginning of one great adventure. It would be helpful to prepare for this adventure early on. I learned from another breastfeeding mom who shared her story in my book that she first attended a talk about breastfeeding when she was still in college. She was inspired by the talk and thought that she'd make use of her new learning in the future. Guess what? She got married a couple of years after graduation and had her first baby. And she also breastfed her child.

Thus, I'd like to invite you to the breastfeeding talk titled How to Win Over Breastfeeding Challenges. This will be held on March 29, 2014 from 1 to 5 PM at the Medela House. This is also a book signing event. All attendees will get a signed copy of my latest book. 

Let me give you a peek into motherhood with this post I wrote for my other blog at Mommy Bares All.


"Is he getting any milk?"
"Are you sure you have milk?"
"Maybe your milk is not enough."
"Your child is already a toddler. It's time to give him formula."
These are some of the questions and statements that many breastfeeding moms get from people around them. And these questions can a lot of times discourage a breastfeeding mom.
Have you experienced being asked any or all of these questions?
Did you also doubt your capacity to nourish your child through your breasts when you were asked these questions?
You are not alone.
You are not the first to experience that.
I have also heard these questions and statements from many different people.
Like most first-time moms, I was easily affected by those remarks. I chose not to give up easily though.
By the grace of God and with a lot of hard work and sacrifices, I was able to achieve my breastfeeding goals for both of my sons. I was able to overcome the breastfeeding challenges that came my way.
I consider it a win every time I experience something that was initially doubted by other people.
For example, one of the common questions people would ask is if the baby is getting any milk from us, breastfeeding mothers.
Thus, I consider it a win every time I hear my child swallow milk while breastfeeding from me. I also consider it a win whenever I hear my child burp after each feeding session. Sometimes, while my youngest child breastfeeds from me, the milk from my other breast where he is not latched would squirt when he pinches my other breast.
All these disprove what others were saying or thinking about me and my capacity to nourish my children.
To date, my almost 28 month old son is still breastfeeding from me and I don't supplement him with formula. He already eats solid food but that's all. So far, he's healthy, very active and smart. 
Aside from those wins I mentioned above, I'm most grateful for the win of having a strong bond between me and my children.
Yesterday, my youngest son said, "Thank you, Mommy."
"For what?" I asked.
"For dede (he was referring to my breasts)," he said.
Then, he hugged me as usual. And I kissed his forehead and his chubby cheeks.
My husband and I watched a movie before where the husband and wife would ask each other their high points and low points each day. We adapted it and made it our nightly habit before sleeping. Our kids eventually joined us. When our youngest son finally learned how to speak, he gamely joined in our conversations as well. Guess what his usual answer is when asked what his high point for the day was? "Dede!"
That has always been his answer until very recently when he would also add "playing with toy bulldozer and car" or "going to Mass."
Do you want to experience these winning moments also?
If you are a first-time parent, an expectant parent or a mom who wants to try breastfeeding for the first time or again, I invite you to join How to Win Over Breastfeeding Challenges, my upcoming talk and bok signing event on March 29, 2014 from 1 to 5 PM at the Medela House (#29 1st Street, New Manila, Q.C.). I'm excited to share with you more about how I won over my breastfeeding challenges in the past years that I had been breastfeeding my two sons. 
There will be another speaker as well -- Ms. Joyce Martinez. She's a registered nurse, a certified lactation consultant, and the in-house lactation counselor of Medela Moms. She was also a Lactation Manager at St. Luke's Medical Center. She conducts talks on the ABC's of Lactation Management for nurses and breastfeeding classes for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

Here's what will happen when you register and join this event?
* You'd be able to distinguish between breastfeeding myths and facts.
* You'll learn breastfeeding basics (breastfeeding positions, common challenges and how to handle them).

* You'll learn tips on how to win over breastfeeding challenges from the author and other moms who have triumphed over their breastfeeding challenges.
* You'll meet other moms/expectant parents who can support you in your decision to breastfeed your baby.
* You'll get a signed copy of the book
Breastfeeding: A Journey Worth Taking as your hand out.
* You'll get free snacks courtesy of Mama Chows and Moringana.Pregnant and breastfeeding moms who will attend will get free lactation cookies from Mama Chows. All guests will get giveaways from Moringana and anti-skid baby socks from St. Patrick.

You'll also get a chance to win raffle prizes.

The learning fee is only P600 for individuals. Couples only need to pay P1,000. I highly recommend that moms come with their husbands because much of your success would be dependent on his support and belief in your capacity to nourish your child through your breasts. This learning fee is a small investment compared to the savings that your family will get from months or even years of breastfeeding your child. A family sometimes spends around a thousand pesos in a week for formula and that can go higher or lower depending on the brand they choose or that their pediatrician would recommend. (Thus, I also recommend that you choose a pediatrician who's a breastfeeding advocate.)


You may pay through bank deposit (BPI or BDO) or through Paypal.
You may register for the event by clicking here

In case you are not free on that day, please feel free to share about this event to your friends or relatives who might benefit from these talks and book.

You can also order a copy of my latest book by sending me an email at or by sending a PM at my book's Facebook Page. It's only P499 per copy plus shipping fee of P100 for Metro Manila/Luzon area and P150 for other provinces. Click like and follow so you'd get updates on future events or offers.

Let me share excerpts of what other moms who read my book say about it.

"I am thankful that Teresa thought of writing this book. It is just pure inspiration for moms who really plan to breastfeed for the first year/s of their child’s life. I recall turning to Google for answers that I needed when it came to breastfeeding, but with this book, you get so much more. You get to read not only the technicalities and the straight-forward facts, but you also get a glimpse into the life of REAL women; women who have experienced the same situations and problems. They share, not only facts, but even what they felt during these experiences." - Mommy Ginger, Mompreneur and Blogger (Click her name to read her complete book review.)

"This can actually be every nursing mom’s BFF – breastfeeding friend. It will constantly remind her that feeding her child, (who developed in her womb and came out from her body) through her breasts is indeed, one of the purest and ultimate forms of LOVE." - Mommy Amihan, Writer for Philippine Online Chronicles (Click on her name to read the full book review where she enumerated 5 reasons why my book is different from other breastfeeding books.)
"Breastfeeding: A Journey Worth Taking by  Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag is formatted to make reading easier for busy moms. This book is very useful for firs time breastfeeding moms and for those who are encountering some challenges. With the author’s and the shared stores, this book will inspire and empower moms to breastfeed, no matter how challenging and that breastfeeding is definitely a journey worth taking." - Mommy Que, Blogger (Click on her name to read the full book review.)

Here's an email from one of the moms who read it.
"I'm currently breastfeeding my 3week old child, and I never expected that breastfeeding will be this challenging. Thanks to your book, it has inspired and encouraged me to pursue breastfeeding." - Mommy Alica

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Recognize Love in the Little Every Day Things

I have not written much on this blog in the past months because of my CRAZY schedule. I once thought (that was when I was still single and unattached) that I lived a very hectic life... flying from one destination to another, sometimes three different cities in a week to conduct trainings and workshops. That was during the day. At night, I would meet up with friends from those cities that I visited and join in their activities. There was even a time when I was taking up Masters in Industrial Relations at UP Solaire while working as a Training Manager for a multinational company.
Then, I got married and had kids.
I discovered that life can get even BUSIER! hahaha So busy that it sometimes (make that A LOT OF TIMES on maidless days) drives me crazy! If you're now a mom with small kids and you don't have a maid or a nanny, you know what I mean!
If you're still a bride-to-be planning for your wedding, I'm writing this post not to scare you. I write this post to help prepare you for your marriage. :)
I'm honestly a romantic through and through. I love all those mushy stuff and I like the drama that most romantics want to experience. Big surprises and romantic dates are my thing. I love planning for these romantic things. Executing them energizes me.
My husband though is not the romantic type. He's not the type who plans ahead for important events like birthdays and anniversaries or other special occasions. Unlike me, he doesn't get excited a lot even when special occasions are already near.
These differences put a strain in our marriage when we were just starting. I discovered these the hard way. It's really true that once you're already married, you'll notice more things about your guy.
I was disappointed and I made sure that he knew how disappointed I was.
I also shared my disappointments with God during my times of prayer. And what God told me during those times, slowly opened my eyes.
I was looking for big, fancy expressions of love on certain seasons or special days. I was naturally drawn to those things being the romantic that I am. God however reminded me that those are not the only ways to show love. He reminded me of the many times that my husband showed his love to me in the every day little things that I sometimes didn't notice because I was so focused on watching for his big expressions of love.

This was before we got married.
I didn't appreciate these expressions of love in the every day little things right away. I felt humbled. But I did try to be more open to them. And I thank God that He helped me see and appreciate these things over time.
It would be our 9th year to celebrate Valentine's Day together this year. I would be a hypocrite if I tell you that I no longer pine for those romantic dates and for Valentine's Day gifts. But the difference now is that although I still like to experience those things, I have grown to appreciate my husband's every day little acts of love more.
We have not been lucky to get reliable maids since we got married. So, there are many months when we do not have helpers to assist us with our household chores and to enable us to have plenty of time to go out on dates as a couple. Our bonding times and dates are different now. We bond over doing chores together at home. We bond by exchanging stories with our kids. We bond over movies shown at our living room. We bond by going to Mass daily as a family. We bond over cuddles in bed or in the couch. We sneak some intimate moments when the kids are finally asleep.
The two of us don't get to do a lot of fancy, romantic stuff. These occasions are few and far between. But you know, I'm much happier now. Not only because he has learned to express love in the way I want to be loved (flowers and notes). But more importantly because I have learned to recognize love in the little every day things that my husband does for me and our kids.
Thus, I thank God for helping me see this wonderful side of my husband. I thank God that he blessed me with a husband who does not think that it's beneath him to help his wife with the household chores and who choose to be involved in raising our kids. I thank God for a husband who is not threatened by my successes but who delights and celebrates with me in my victories.
Let me end this Valentine post with a message to my Valentine:
Thank you, Sweetheart, for making time to wash the dishes and the pots and pans after dinner.
Thank you for sweeping and mopping the floor.
Thank you for throwing the trash.
Thank you for reading books and telling stories to the kids at night. 
Thank you for acknowledging that caring for the kids and watching over them throughout the day is already a full time job.
Thank you for appreciating the meals that I cook especially on really busy days.
Thank you for watching over the kids and playing with them while I do some work.
Thank you for accepting that I need time to write and for giving me some time to do this.
Thank you for all the many little things you do to fill up my love tank.
Thank for stepping into my life one Valentine's Day and changing my life forever.
I love you and the many every day little things that you do!
Are you also a romantic like me? What expressions of love fills your love tank? I hope that with this post you'd also learn to recognize and appreciate love in the little every day things.