Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Post on My Dream Wedding

I held his hand tightly and asked him to pray with me.  I prayed allowed so he could follow in his mind even though he could no longer talk.  I can see the tears rolling down his face as he looked at me and held my hand with whatever strength that was left in him. 

We were on our way then to the hospital.  My father has just suffered his first majot stroke.  Thank God that I was there by his side.  Thank God for the miracles He gave us from the very first time it happened to the fifth time my father had a stroke.

One of the things I dreamed of happening on my wedding day was to walk down the aisle with my father towards my bridegroom.  I dreamed of dancing with him as well during my wedding reception.  This dream may seem small or trivial to some but to me this has become a big dream, especially when my father suffered from stroke several times years before I even had a boyfriend.  

Then, just before my wedding day, he had high blood pressure again and we had to rush him with the help of my fiance to the hospital.  On my wedding day, I requested a doctor friend of mine to check his blood pressure (before the bridal march and after the ceremony) to make sure he is alright since I know that he could become emotional during the ceremony.  Moreover, we decided that he will just wait at the middle of the aisle and just walk half of the church aisle's length with me and my mom for the aisle is quite long.  Tatay had difficulty walking since he suffered his first major stroke.  He can walk but very slowly and he easily gets tired.

Walking towards my parents who were waiting at the middle of the aisle.
I thank the Lord for granting me my wish and fulfilling this important detail in my dream wedding.  I thank God that I was able to walk down the aisle with Tatay towards the man I have chosen to share the rest of my life with.  I thank God that He let my father live long enough so he could give me away on my wedding day.  I thank God that I was able to dance with my father during my wedding reception.  I thank God that my father is still alive today as we celebrate another Father's Day.

Walking happily with my parents towards a new phase in my life.
Tatay started crying as I started to say goodbye to them.
Thank you, Tatay, for all that you've done for me.

George puts his arm around my father's shoulders to comfort him.

So, today as the world celebrates Father's Day, I honor not only my Tatay but God the Father as well for fulfilling this child's wish for her wedding day. Thank you very much, heavenly Father! You are simply the best Father one can ever have!

Tatay and me dancing at my wedding reception.

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