Sunday, February 24, 2013

List of Catholic Churches in Baguio

Summer is fast approaching.  Can you feel the summer heat now in your homes?  I wonder if there are couples who are considering a destination wedding in Baguio this summer?  Here is my advance gift to you -- a list Catholic churches in Baguio that can help you in your wedding preparation.  Click on the names of the churches to go to their websites.
Address: Mount St. Mary Hill (Cathedral Hill), General Luna Road
Telephone number: (074) 442-4256; (074) 304-4064
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Address: P. Ledesma Street, Aurora Hill
Telephone number: (074) 442-4343; (074) 445-4962
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Address: Lucban
Telephone number: (074) 442-4436
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Address: Pacdal
Telephone number: (074) 442-4021
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Address: Campo Filipino, Naguilian Road
Telephone number: (074) 442-5357; (074) 442-6986
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Address: Kisad Road
Telephone number: (074) 443-9332
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And if you're planning to do an ocular, I suggest that you pass by the Pink Sisters convent also and ask for the nuns to pray for you and your future spouse as you prepare for your wedding and your marriage.  You can find them at Brent Road and contact them at (072) 442-5203. You may click here to see map.
Moreover, I highly encourage you to visit all seven churches especially if you plan to go there this Lent so you can do Visita Iglesias.
Hope this helps.  God bless!
Trivia: Celebrities, Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzalez, got married at St. Joseph the Worker Parish in 2001.   


  1. Hi, I have noticed that there are only six churches in your list. Can you please tell me where is the seventh? Thank you so much.

    1. You can go to the Pink Sisters' convent for the 7th church.

  2. Hello again, madam Teresa.... Would you mind giving us an order of which these 7 churches can be visited one after another so that they fall in one route? Or the list above are already arranged consecutively?