Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Best Time to Build Your Wealth - Lessons Learned after Looking Back

I conducted a Sales Training Program and a Teambuidling Workshop yesterday for a group of Managers and Supervisors for one of my clients.  I had a great time!  I love this kind of job because I'm able to help many with the work that I do.  My job as a Management and Human Resources/Training Consultant lets me inspire and motivate my participants to aspire and strive to be better in what they are doing and be the best they can be.  It also lets me teach practical and concrete ways to many how they can apply the principles and strategies I share in my workshops/trainings to reach their goals and full potential.  My participants seemed to have a great time, too!  They had many wonderful insights as we processed our activities and as they presented their own ideas during our exercises.  There was hearty laughter the whole day as we exchanged ideas and stories all the way until our dinner.
I love it when I hear them speak out lessons/learnings that they had as we processed our activities and how they think they can apply them in the work setting or their work place and in their personal lives.
Yesterday, I felt that I could identify with one of my participants as I listened to her share about her regret of not being responsible enough and careful with the money she earned in the past years.  She said this after we did an activity called Lifeline where I asked all the participants to make a line graph to illustrate their high points and low points in their professional and personal life.  She said that she could have done better in managing her finances in the past especially since she was earning much then.  But I was glad to hear that with her realization she decided to be more resposible and conscious of the way she spends her money.
I could relate to her experience because I was like her when I was younger and still single.  There were a lot of times that I was spending too much on things (for example buying clothes without looking at price tags, buying dresses that costs thousands of pesos, etc.) and I had "horrible" cellphone/mobile phone bills!  I had a very expensive lifestyle which afforded me a lot of luxuries then but hindered me from saving and investing money for my future.  Looking back, I can say with my participant, "I wished I have done better."  And with my current knowledge on how to build and grow my wealth, I say: "I could have a much better investment portfolio... I could have millions already by now if I had invested my money then instead of spending them on things that were not necessary."
But it's not yet too late.  Because although we made some mistakes in the past on how we handled our finances, we can make the right choices now and avoid the same mistakes.  That's what I love about each new day in our lives.  We can start anew.  We can move forward with hope and faith again.  We can dream new dreams.  We can set new goals.  We can change our ways and start new habits.  That's what I shared with her yesterday during our workshop and during our ride to the restaurant where we had dinner with the rest of the participants.
And as you read this post, whether you are single like one of my participants who shared about her regret, engaged, or you are married just like me, this is my message to you: The best time to build your wealth is NOW!  NOW that you've realized that you need to improve your financial situation so you and your loved ones can enjoy a better life and so that you can have a brighter future.
You might be asking by now... HOW?
Let BO SANCHEZ, my mentor and my husband's mentor, teach you how.  We learned from him what we now know and we continue to learn from him though our membership in Bo's Truly Rich Club.
Bo was once a poor missionary... no income, no savings, no investments, no businesses.  But with the help of some mentors as well, he learned new things and started new habits, started investing and venturing into business.  He's now helping others become millionaires and successful businessmen like him!  Isn't that amazing? 
Would you like to learn from him as well and know how you can build your wealth and secure your/your family's future?  Click here.
You don't need to have lots of extra money to start building your wealth.  In fact, Bo has taught and helped his maids and driver invest!  They are now on their way to becoming millionnaires as well! 
So, take a good look at your expenses and see where you can save and rechannel.  Review your budget and set aside an amount each month that you will use to build your wealth and secure your future and your family's future.  Had I known this stuff before and been mentored by Bo before when I was still single and earning much monthly, I could have invested at least Php2,500 to Php5,000 each month!  Why that amount?  Because that was how much I spent on my cellphone bill before!  I'm glad that I know this now and that little by little I'm able to build my wealth together with my husband through the guidance we get from our mentor Bo Sanchez of the Truly Rich Club
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