Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Very Memorable Valentine Party

I launched my book, When My Bridegroom Comes, seven years ago at a Valentine's party for the single men and women in our community, Light of Jesus (LOJ).  The single men were part of the Joshua brotherhood then.  The single women were part of the Esther sisterhood.  I was very excited because I chose Someone Really Special to be my date on that memorable night.  Launching my book was my way of telling the world that I believed in my Perfect Date's love and promises so much, enough for me to write and publish a book about His promises.  Little did I know that my Perfect Date that night, arranged something which will change the course of my life.  He led me to meet my future bridegroom and spouse.  Let me tell you briefly how.
I barely knew the brothers and sisters from LOJ then.  I only had a handful of friends since I was new in the community.  But although I was new, I was invited to serve in the Singles' Service Team by our leaders.  I said yes.  I didn't know that Jesus, my Perfect Date, will use that YES to bring me closer to the man He has set aside for me.  That night, the new members of the LOJ Singles' Service Team were introduced to the community.  I was one of them... He (my future bridegroom) was also one of them. 
That's me (wearing a pink dress), third from the left.  My future bridegroom, George
(wearing a blue long-sleeved shirt and tie), was in the middle beside the one holding a mic. 
But we didn't know each other personally yet.  It was our first time to see/meet each other in a joint event for the singles in our community.
He said that he introduced himself to me that night but I was meeting so many new faces at the party and I'm very poor at remembering names so our first actual meeting didn't register in my mind right away.
But Jesus, made a way for me to remember this man and for me to be drawn closer to him.
Since I was new in the community and I needed to bring my books with me to my apartment in Makati, I asked our leader if he can help me find a ride going home.  He introduced me to George, one of the new members of the Singles Service Team presented that night.  I had no idea that riding with him that night was part of God's perfect plan for my love life.  I even signed his copy of my book which he bought.  It's both funny and amazing looking back that I autographed that book for him not knowing that he was the bridegroom I wrote about in my book! 
Below is the dedication in my book which I wrote way before I met my anointed bridegroom.
"To him whom the Father has set apart to be my anointed bridegroom and to Jesus Christ, my Lord."
That ride to my apartment in Makati was the first of many memorable rides with George.  I eventually said YES to journey with him through life before God's altar with a heart full of love and faith on December 19, 2007.
As I have written at the back cover of my book, "Almost every young woman dreams of becoming a bride one day... of standing face to face with her beloved before the altar of God with a heart full of love." 
I'm very grateful to God that He has made that dream of mine come true.  And I'm also grateful to Him for bringing me to that very memorable Valentine party.
Happy Valentine's Day to you!  May God, who first loved us, and taught us how to love, bring you to experience His wonderful love through the special people He has placed in your lives.

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