Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Will Watch For You, Lord

I had been busy in the past days working on a number of projects and work-at-home gigs.  Today was no different.  There were challenges but generally, there were a lot of blessings.  I even received surprised blessings from the Lord as I worked on my projects.  I felt that God was encouraging me today as I persevered and did my share in my assignments from Him.  I admit that there are days when my self-esteem is quite low and I feel very tired.  Sometimes, I don't have the energy to write anymore.  Today, I chose to simply make baby steps to move forward in my assignments and I was amazed to realize at the end of the day that I had accomplished a number of tasks.  "Not by might, not by power, but by God's spirit."  I acknowledge that it was God's grace that enabled me to accomplish these tasks amid a lot of distractions at home and other domestic concerns.  With all these things that happened today, challenges and triumphs alike, I was reminded of a poem that I wrote in 2005.  It was inspired by Joshua 1:5, 8-9 and Micah 7:7,15.
Let me share this poem with you.
I Will Watch For You, Lord
(published in the book When My Bridegroom Comes)
"Be determined! Be confident!"
That's what the Lord commanded me.
"Be not afraid.  Be not discouraged."
Those were His Words to me.
"Study My Word day and night.
Believe and obey everything I say
And go forth with great courage
For I, the Lord, Your God
Am with you all the way."
So I rose from my bed and prayed,
"Work miracles for me, Lord
Like you did in the days of Egypt.
Work miracles for me, Lord!
I will step out and will not be afraid!"
I will watch for you, Lord.
I will watch confidently
for You, my God, to save me.
I know, my God, You will hear me. 
Do you need a boost in your confidence?  Do you also need miracles from God?  Do you need encouragement to keep going?  I invite you to meditate on this poem with me.  And let us wait for the Lord to grant us the miracles that we so badly need.

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