Friday, July 6, 2012

If the Shoe Fits... Searching for the Princess' Shiny Shoe

Tiara, check.  Jewelry, check.  Wedding gown, check.  Shiny shoes... hmmm... still searching.

Would you believe that one the things I had a hard time searching for was my wedding shoes?  Yes, because I wanted to look and feel like a princess from head to toe.  Since the theme of our wedding was Disney Princess, I thought that my wedding shoes should fit 1. our theme; 2. my shoe size; and 3. our budget.

So, my shoes should be shiny, silver or white in color, or if I can find transparent shoes or something that looks like the glass slippers of Cinderella, much better.

We first went to The Landmark to search for the perfect shoes for me.  I saw a lot of shoes that were shiny and silvery or white.  But there was not one pair of shoes that convinced me they're the right pair for my wedding day.

Thus, my fiance and I continued our search for that elusive shiny shoe fit for a princess bride.

My fiance suggested that we go to Power Plant Mall.  Just like what we did at The Landmark, we went around every shoe store to check if there was a pair that I'd like and would fit my criteria.

It was in one of the shoe stores there that I saw what I think was the perfect shoes for a Princess Bride.  The shoes were transparent and they looked like Cinderella's glass slippers.  They had swarovski stones that made them sparkle and shine.  And they had a pair for my shoe size.  I excitedly tried a pair.  I even tried to dance some steps to see if I would feel comfortable dancing the foxtrot in them.  They felt perfect for my feet!

I looked at the saleslady and casually asked for the price of the beautiful pair I'm wearing.  As soon as she said the price, the big smile on my face started to fade and suddenly the shoes didn't seem perfect at all.  The price of the shoes I tried was Php16,000! 

I was amazed that I was able to think of an excuse right away to leave the store and leave "Cinderella's shoes" behind. haha :)

Okay, so I found the perfect shoes... well, not really, because it did not fit our budget.  I would never buy a shoe that expensive even for my wedding day. No way!  It was simply impractical.  I was even thinking that the shoes I will buy for my wedding should be something I can use again on other occasions.

I think we went to SM Makati and Glorietta to check out some shoe stores too but we found oursleves back at The Landmark.  This time, I was determined to buy the best pair of shiny shoes I'll fit into, one that satisfies all my criteria. 

I finally found the pair of shoes I wanted to wear for my wedding.  Yes, I tried to dance some foxtrot moves with them, walked around with them and stared at the mirror lengthily before finally buying the pair.

I was happy with my purchase.  It was a simple shiny pair of shoes, silver in color, with heels that are three inches tall.  They had straps around my ankles to make sure my shoes will not slide or will not be left behind during my bridal march or our first dance as a couple.  I liked Cinderella's story but I didn't want to experience that part where she lost one of her shoes. 

Important lessons learned during our hunt for my wedding shoes: Know your priorities and know what part of your dream wedding to compromise and what not, where to splurge and where to stick to the alloted budget.

I still felt like a true princess on my wedding day even though the price of my wedding shoes was just around a thousand pesos.  Let me tell you why through a quote in one of my favorite shirts: YES, I AM A PRINCESS BECAUSE MY FATHER IS THE KING OF KINGS!


  1. Hi! i'm AJ.. I came across your blog while searching for my wedding preps hotel.. May I ask in what hotel were the last two pictures taken? Thanks in advance for your help! :)

    1. Hi AJ! These were taken at the Edsa Shangrila Hotel in Shaw Boulevard.