Thursday, May 31, 2012

When My Bridegroom Comes: The Poem

I first wrote this as a poem in Nov. 26, 2002. Then it was made into a song by my good friend, Myya Jacoba. Three years later, I was inspired to write a book with the same title and theme.


Is my heart ready?
Am I in my rightful place?
Are my hands busy
Making full use of His grace?

Will He find me waiting
Or will He find me at rest?
I can't let my heart be tired.
I am waiting for God's best.

My Bridegroom is coming.
When exactly, I don't know.
But I must be ready.
In love with Him, I must grow.

How do I make myself ready?
In my heart I know.
There alone can I find answers.
There alone wisdom flows.

There are many voices
Instructing me what to do.
"Do this", "Do that"
"This is where you should go."

The voice of my Bridegroom, however,
Kept ringing in my ear.
He says, "I want you to move closer
as my coming draws near."

I have been instructed;
Long ago, I've been asked.
My call is to be faithful
In the service I've been tasked.

Will He find me ready?
Will He find me here?
Yes, He'll find me ready.
Yes, He'll find me here.

For I have chosen to stand
Where He asked me to stand.
I have chosen to love
Where He asked me to love.

When He asked me to step forward
Defying my fears, I did so.
His gaze was my source of courage;
His Words alone, my hope.

Now I hear some footsteps...
My heart leaps at its sound.
Could this be the hour
When complete joy will be found?

Is my heart ready?
Am I in my rightful place?
Are my hands busy
Making full use of His grace?

Yes, my Bridegroom's coming!
I can hear His voice.
From afar, He is singing,
Drowning all their noise.

My soul is filled with thanksgiving;
My mind, still in awe.
How could all this be possible?
Only my Bridegroom knows.

My heart is rejoicing
For a wedding feast at hand.
My Bridegroom is coming
And we'll dwell in this land.

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