Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Objectives in Writing the Book When My Bridegroom Comes

God has called me to share the lessons He has taught me in the past years as He Himself prepared me for my bridegroom. He said that the lessons I have learned were not just for me, that I am to share them with you – my sisters in the faith. He said that there is no better time for me to write this book than during my season of singleness when I am just like any other single lady out there, experiencing struggles and challenges in my love life.

My book

I wrote this book in 2005 with these objectives in mind:
· to exhort and inspire single ladies to make good use of their season of singleness to give glory to God by making use of their God-given gifts;
· to encourage and inspire single ladies to persevere and hold on in faith to God’s promise of helping them find a godly helpmate;
· to help single ladies prepare not just for their wedding day but for their married life as well; and
· to remind single ladies that more important than preparing for their human bridegroom is preparing for our Ultimate Bridegroom, Jesus Christ.

The stories and lessons that I shared in this book happened at different times in my life and they were written and compiled in my journals and in the chambers of my heart. Choosing to write this book is my way of sharing my treasures to the world for I realized that these treasures are not mine to keep. I learned that they were only entrusted to me and that I am to give them away at the appointed time. God has called me to bear much fruit and during my season of singleness, this book is one of the fruits He asked me to bear. It is my hope and my prayer that in the same way that God has nourished me with His love and His Word, you will receive nourishment from Him through this book.

I do not expect readers to agree with everything I have written in this book; but I encourage you to at least give them a try and find out for yourselves what an exciting and liberating experience it is to surrender our love life to God.

I do not promise or guarantee that you will be spared from challenges and mistakes after you read this book and put into practice the lessons that you'll learn from it. What I guarantee though is that you will have a heart more at peace, joyful and hopeful as you wait and prepare for your beloved. You will also emerge wiser and stronger as you continue to face challenges and trials.

So, order a copy now and enter into one great adventure with the God of love!

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