Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ideas on how couples can nurture and improve their relationships

Let me begin this New Year post by thanking all of you who have been reading my blog and encouraging me in your own simple way to continue developing and using my gift of writing.  You are one of my biggest blessings last year.  I am amazed at the number of pageviews this blog of mine already has at this time and at year end a few days ago.  I thank the Lord for the inspiration to start this new blog around May of last year.
Now, for my first post this year...
I had been terribly busy during the last quarter of last year that I hardly had the time to update this blog of mine.  With God's help, I hope and pray I'd be able to write more often for this blog this year -- maybe at least a month.  I still have a lot of ideas that I have yet to put into writing.  I trust that if God wills it, I would be able to post them here soon.
Around three years ago, I listed in my blog some ideas on what activities couples can do on their monthsaries that can help nurture and improve their relationships.  Let me quote from my previous post and share some examples of activities I have listed for me and my husband.

"I believe that marriages these days face a lot more challenges than in the past. One big reason for this is busyness. The world we live in now is so fast-paced. Couples often find themselves hurrying from one place to another, scampering to finish one task after another. Unfortunately, with all the things we think we need to do, sometimes nurturing our relationships takes a back seat. This should not be; because no matter how so in love a couple is, sooner or later the feeling will die down and hard work should begin to continuously work on keeping the love alive."

"My husband and I are not spared from these challenges. Even with all the planning that I do, I still sometimes find myself having so much on my plate. The same is true for my husband who has a very demanding job right now – a tough job that entails him to be on call 24/7. While we are praying and waiting on the Lord to hear our prayer that he would find a new position where he doesn’t need to be on call 24/7, I made a list yesterday of activities the two of us can do during our monthsary celebrations to continuously keep our love alive and our bonding strong. I’m sharing these with you thinking that some couples out there might also benefit from them."
1.  Meet with Ninongs and Ninangs (principal sponsors) to share concerns and ask them for tips on how they were able to overcome similar challenges when they were young couples like us. It’s also a time for us to share with them our joys and victories as a couple. This could be done on a quarterly basis.
3.  Watch a love story in the movie house or at home and discuss the good points from the movie that we can learn from or adapt in our relationship.
10. Meet with single friends and inspire them with our love story.
12. Visit model houses and discuss dreams for future house and ideas on how to make it a reality. 
16. Serve each other throughout the day using the 5 Love languages.
Click here to read my previous blog post in full.
You can come up with your own list or adapt some of these which you find appealing or interesting to you and your spouse.  The important thing is you make time to keep the fire of love burning between the two of you.
Cheers to a year full of love, hope, and dreams coming true for you and your families!

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  1. I agree with you. Quality time and often communication with your partner and people around you makes your relationship go stronger.