Thursday, November 8, 2012

God of My Tomorrows

Here's a poem I wrote years ago when I had no idea what would happen next in my life.  I wrote it at a time when I had so many uncertainties.  I chose to embrace the grace of God instead of letting my uncertainties sow seeds of doubt in my heart.
I'm sharing it today in my blog today because I'm at a point in my life now when there are many new opportunities coming my way.  They are all good but as with many new things, they bring with them many uncertainties as well. Today, I choose to surrender once more my future, my endeavors, plans and dreams to God.
This poem was inspired by my meditations on Jeremiah 29:11-14 and Judith 9:5-6.   I wrote it on December 29, 2004 and was eventually published in my book When My Bridegroom Comes in 2005.  I find comfort in these words every time I'm confronted with uncertainty about my future.   I hope it would inspire others who are in the same boat.

God of My Tomorrows
I woke up one morning
Not knowing where to run
Stumbling in the darkness
Groping for the sun
God, where is tomorrow?
I asked, "What lies ahead?"
My heart filled with sorrow
These questions in my head
Then you came with answers
I've waited for so long
You brought light and meaning
Now I can sing this song
Your hand guided all that happened
Everything was part of your plan
Past, present, what is yet to come...
Who am I to challenge your wisdom?
Who am I to question your plan?
Your Word, once spoken, is as good as done
Now all my tomorrows
Are in your mighty hands
You who hold the future
Now also hold my hand

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